CID Blocking Flickr Functions

In the past month, I have not been able to see comments, EXIF or location data on any photos on Flickr including my own. It used to work fine. After trying out different things, I looked in Firefox and see that the Flickr functions are working fine, but are not in CID.

I really prefer to use one browser not two and would like all my browsing to be on CID.


photo comment page on CID: Screenshot | Showing comments, EXIF and location data all mi… | Flickr

same photo comment page on FF: FFscreenshot | Screenshot from other browser for help topic … | Flickr

Why is CID blocking these and FF not? I am using the same exact addons in both browsers. I really don’t like switching browsers to do everything I need to do in a day, can someone please help me sort this out so I can stop using FF?

For whatever reason, your forum is replacing the “at” symbol in the web address with [at]. In order to see the screenshots, you’ll have to put the “at” symbol back in the address.

I see the problem. What version of FF are you using?

The problem indicated with CID, however, is also an issue with IE.

I wasn’t aware that this was an issue in CID. But investigating this reveals that Flickr is just infested with problems all over the place with all sort of things.