CID 26 will not connect to my e-mail

I run Windows 7 and CID. I just set up comcast’s provided router, and now I can’t get onto Comcast’s webmail site and my Outlook will not pick up comcast’s e-mail. Other e-mail accounts work properly and so do other websites, including Comcast’s general customer website. In addition, Outlook tested the Comcast e-mail connections, and found them correctly configured.
This has happened after my Windows crashed several times, blue windows, and it looks like the problem was that my old router got wet when I watered the plants (!) nearby.
A computer guy cleaned up my machine and my windows, and then I installed the new router.
Comcast told me to use IE, which does work with my webmail. They have nothing to say about CID. Since the IE does work, though, it seems I need somehow to adjust CID to account for the new router or whatever. Any help would be very appreciated.

Your internet is working so we can safely exclude the router as cause.

What is the message you get when trying to log in into your Comcast webmail with CID?

When I try to log into Comcast Webmail with CID, I just get a spinning wheel icon. it never stops spinning.
Meantime, I dug a little more (well, a lot more…) regarding the Outlook problem, which turned out to be the IPv6 which had to be disabled in order to receive e-mail from Comcast webmail. This is a router issue…Having done so has not affected the webmail login problem. Even though I now can receive my e-mail direct to my machine, I still would like the CID problem fixed, as I am not at all sure that I want to keep the IPv6 disabled…
thanks so much for your attention to this vexing matter.

What happens when you clean cache and cookies and restart CID?

When that does not help try running CIS with all extensions disabled and see if that makes a difference.

Cache and cookies cleared have no effect. I want to thank you for trying to help, but I gave up. My computer slowed down and down, and I had to give it a good cleaning, and I uninstalled CID and went to Firefox. The iPv6 was not the ultimate problem with the Outlook, but all the screwing around I did with various settings just made things worse and worse. I am not expert at this.
Once everything is stable again, I may re-install the CID, which I initially installed because Firefox was crashing my AutoCAD. Or so it seemed.
anyway, sorry to bug out on you, but I have spent way too many hours on this…