CID 22001: Is this a bug?

Since updating to CID when trying to action the “Options” I get the following report:
XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
Location: about:preferences
Line Number 199, Column 3:

I would appreciate some guidance please, in straight forward language as I am not a techie - thanks

O/S: Win 7 Pro
A/V; Avast Internet Security (up to date)


Do you have any language packs installed in IceDragon?

Thank you.

However the issue has now been resolved by an uninstall and re-install of CID.
I had contacted Support and was informed it was a ‘missing or corrupted’ file.
I would add that I had many ‘extension’s’ included, and had been experiencing ‘script’ non response issues.
Since the re-install and using FEBE to replace my extensions, all (so far) has been OK!
I thank you for your involvement, and please consider this issue as resolved.
Thanks again - appreciated.