Chroumium secure FEEDBACK/ PLEASE HELP

Hello, staff
Recently i have been using this program and there are a lot of rootkits around so me not knowing what it is a friends ( a real life friends) account sent me a link (many of them
i guess a wave of another harmful rootkit/keylogger was went out) when i clicked on it i knew it started downloading and that it was a harmful program, but it didn’t show up as a download but it still was downloading that is the problem, i couldn’t stop it.
but after it downloaded Comodo detected it AND it did NOT remove it even though it said so.
So i went in safe mode and deleted it then scanned my computer with a full scan and with malwarebytes rootkit scanner and i didn’t find anything harmful.
I know its a serious virus cause of Comodo not being able to delete it with admin rights so what should i do now?
PLEASE answer quick so i could know if i’m safe or not and what should i do?
I’M now in safe mode with networking…

To:staff or any helpful person

With regards: A customer

I see, you are infected with some malwares!
Please follow this guide, it is for everyone and easy to perform.

Inform me under the topic

It’s best to scan with multiple scanners. Adding to yigido’s choice I advice to also scan with Super Antispyware and Norton Power Eraser. Just to be on the safe side of things.

Other than that I of course have some questions about what happened.

Was Chromium Secure running in the sandbox? What configuration do you use? Is the firewall set to alert or not alert?