Chromodo web browser

Hi does any body know if the new Chromodo Version has the new Chromium v49 included in the browser for bug fix ?

In fact, the answer is no.
Chromodo is based on v45 or v46.
Comodo Dragon is based on v46.

They are trying to release v48 soon.

I have the new chromodo browser version that came out this month is this version safe to use ,. I have read about a Article from Google saying bad things .about cookie use … I like Chromodo and have had no problems

Hi Quinncy,
IMO I say it is safe to use, I use both Dragon or Chromodo with confidence.
What is safe and what isn’t will forever be debated, most comments will be based on opinion only.

Kind regards.

That is good to hear . their is that one story that went around from a google source . It says that Chromium updated from 45 to 49 . Is the Chromoto using the same technology that Google Chrome use ? And I use the WOT web of trust exstension for the url . I am running Vista , and Google is stopping support on us .