Chromodo video issue

When I play a video on the public broadcasting website ( using a standard default window, the video will not play and I get the following error message: Cannot load M3U8, crossdomain access denied (2048). But, when I play the video using an incognito window, the video plays. Try it both ways with this link: My preference is to use the default window, rather than incognito, so I’m wondering if there is something I can adjust to get the default to work like incognito.

Hi cloudsandskye,
Try clearing your browsing data.

Try disabling all your extensions.
If the issue is resolved from disabling your extensions, enable one extension at a time until you find the culprit.

Kind regards.

I discovered the problem is not consistent, but somewhat random. The link I supplied did not turn out to be a good example of the problem, since the time frame to view it has now expired. But, regardless, after disabling all the extensions and enabling them one by one, the problem seems to be caused by HTTPS Everywhere (HTTPS Everywhere | Electronic Frontier Foundation). Thank you for the tips.

You are welcome. :slight_smile: