Chromodo update is a mess

Is this amateur hour software development from the 1990s? When you update software, you load current user customization, not a default. And what happened to my current bookmarks? The bookmarks in the update are old and from where? Where are my current bookmarks?

It’s happening again, update chromodo is a mess again

Hi biteater,
What is occurring when you update?
Is there any other information you can think of that might help towards finding the cause, as the majority of users are having no issues with the recent update?


Edit: I have encountered an issue that may correspond with the issue you are having, please see the bug report in the link below.
Updated 43 to 44 partially converted my installed version to a portable version.

Hi Biteater,

This has been fixed in the latest version, we released a patch for this.

If you moved the original location of the Chromodo Browser, you need to move it back to the original location.