Chromodo and Silverlight videos

Dear Sir or Madam,
I would like to ask you for help in solving my browser problem.
Chromodo does not play Silverlight videos before and after Silverlight installation.
It keeps loading it but does not play it.

Website: Na Wspólnej 2001-2500, odcinek 2202 - serial online, Oglądaj na

Thank you from advance.
Yours faithfully,

Your link is for Poland only, so I tested with the Microsoft Silverlight test site. Please note, Microsoft is no longer supporting Silverlight.
Silverlight is not fully compatible with Chromium-based browsers. It would not install on my browser, with this error message displayed.
Silverlight is dying out. Not much uses it. Personally, I wouldn’t be too concerned about not being able to play videos with it. Websites are moving towards HTML5, of which your browser does support…

Chromodo (Chromium) does not support plugins using NPAPI.