Chromodo 48 & Dragon 48 are now available for download

Hello everyone,

We’re very pleased to announce the release of both Comodo Dragon Version 48 and Chromodo Version 48.

What’s new for both Chromodo & Dragon?

  • Chromium code base has been updated to 48
    [b]- Fixed! Race condition can cause attackers to implant dlls - Reported by Greg Linares of CyberPoint SRT
  • Fixed! Updater can be used to execute unsigned files - Reported by Andre Derek Protas of CyberPoint SRT

XP Users

  • Both Dragon 48 & Chromodo 48 do not support Windows XP

Download Locations

Dragon v48.12.18.249:

MD5: 12A3BAA3C02425F67DDF1114E5816F3B
SHA-1: 5677B2854F4DD61EF39E9C506F4BFC2BC1F36FA4
SHA-256: 1A93358B231853FE254F77A71E8CDC161770C8D3D62B89DD8A8297E12FC396BA

Chromodo v48.12.18.248:

MD5: 3263BEB3E019C3166EBFA1397D558E7F
SHA-1: 6F6E6E2FDE65F4FA1F352E89851968645EA93679
SHA-256: 0B2C82734C45AA52E2FA772B400A1D10E65D2E8DE88042F25B724A824953045F

Thank you for your all feedback for COMODO Browsers! We have collected all of your feedbacks and created a list of improvements and new features. We really appreciate all of your contributions to provide you a great browser.


COMODO Dragon & Chromodo Browser Team

I have updated the file hashes for the updated versions that the download links will provide. Eric

Whats the chromium base of these browsers? Can you please give us the full changelog Serkan, thanks


Been using Comodo Dragon for quite a while now. Finally, new version ! :slight_smile:

good job guys!

Thanks for the updates. :-TU

Thanks for the updates. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue with the certificate in CD v48.12.18.243 as I did in the previous recent update. This includes both the internal updater as well as the dragonsetup.exe I downloaded from the forum today.

The digital signature is not valid. I would like to update CD without a digital signature issue.


Unconfirmed with both installers on my Windows 8.1 x64 machine. Is the system time of your system correct? That can cause problems with certificates. Can you try downloading the installer again and see if that changes things? What happens when download it from another connection and machine?

System time is correct on Vista sp2 box. I downloaded the installer from XP sp3 box on same connection. No change in the cert. Still showing not valid. All other installers certs are OK. I’m a little puzzled by this.

Nice release, except CD 48 now uses Google Chrome’s default browser skin as its default as well. It would be nice for CD to have its own default theme back! Otherwise try the Minimal Theme at- Chrome Web Store It’s quite good as a new default skin for CD.

Not really a good job! Sorry but I reported a problem “Twitter videos can’t play in Dragon & Chromodo”… and it is still there.
You cannot solve this in latest releases. SerkanB said “The fix is ready” but where is the fix??

Thank you guys it is not a good job it is a great job :-TU :rocks: (CNY)

cant play youtube videos? ask’s again and again to download flash player

dragon 48

Are you trying to watch live streams?

FlashPlayer installs issue free with the latest Chromodo. I use HTML5 with YouTube, but can switch to Flash. Videos play perfectly.

I have a report from a friend that sounds do not work for some Facebook games after this update.

A report from a friend, but not your machine?
So you haven’t seen this issue firsthand? You have no idea what he may or may not have done to said machine?

I have been running videos on FB and YouTube. None have failed to play yet.

I have asked TheDukeUK to give more information for us to investigate it. He is trying to reproduce the issue

Sorted. She needed to update Flash Player apparently.

On a related side note. Adobe has updated Flash Player to v For those who prefer the off line installers get them from .

I installed the latest Dragon and Chromium on my Vista x64 installation and they are both not working. Web pages don’t load (the tab indicates it crashes), extensions crash and restarting them doesn’t work, opening the Settings page does not work (the tab indicates it crashes). I tried clean installing them but it doesn’t help. I have witnessed this also when updating the two browsers for a neighbour who is on Vista x86.

Are there other people who are experiencing this?