Chromium v32.0.1700.102 and AdBlock Bug

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I thought I’ll let you know about a bug before you update Dragon to v32.

I’m using Chromium v32 (Not Google Chrome btw) and I have AdBlock installed.

Since Chromium updated to v32 AdBlock doesn’t block Flash Video Ads on Youtube anymore, from what I have read on the getadblock forums it’s a bug in v32, someone said it should be fixed in v34.

I’ve tried both AD block extensions (AdBlock v2.6.18 and Adblock Plus 1.7.4) and they both play Youtube Flash Video Ads.

Using Firefox and Adblock Plus blocks Flash Video Ads, so thats what i’m using for Youtube now.

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Comodo does track new versions of Chromium so they will be aware of the problem. Too bad that Chromium 32 has that problem.

just tried this and i have no ads at all on youtube

update your adblock filters!! it doesnt do it automatically…

You could try PrivDog also. :slight_smile:

You might find PRO at: worthwhile. I use it in CD and am completely satisfied with its performance.


Hey again peeps :wink:

Thanks for all your posts.

I did some more researching and reading and came across…!msg/chromium-dev/xEbgvWE7wMk/D_07G2lftacJ

I might of forgot too mention that I’m running Ubuntu, but saying that I’ve read somewhere that this problem is not just affecting Linux browsers…

Chromium v34 should be working like v31 did… Just have too wait and see (4 months time) :smiley:

Thanks again peeps…

Cya laters :slight_smile:

Hello again peeps :slight_smile:

Just thought i’ld share the latest update about the Chromium Youtube Ad Bug… Still not fixed in v33…

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I’ve just updated Chromium too version 34 and all is well…

All Youtube Flash Video ADs (including the yellow box one in the seek bar) are now all blocked.

Cya laters peeps :wink: