ChromePlus vs Comodo Dragon


How do you compare Chrome Plus vs CD?

ChromePlus has alot of features and behaviours I find appealing.
The user option page is nice with lots of built in functions to choose from.
Allowing the browser to remain open after the last tab is closed i like;it can just open a new tab.
Start up in incognito mode is cool,keeps the folder sizes down.
There’s just alot of built in functions that makes the need for extensions minimal for ChromePlus.
I really like how it keeps the user profile in the program files folder;except for a massive boat load of registry entries its practically portable out of the box (you have to download the zip file not the installer).
I believe it has the same respect for user privacy as Dragon or Iron browsers.
With the last few updates tho it has become very unstable for me and very slow.

Dragon seems much faster for me so long as I use the default theme (I dont know why)
so I dont use ChromePlus anymore :slight_smile:

Plus Comodo Dragon has got to be the coolest name a browser could have ;D

So you like the Dragon? I have been beating myself off of trying it for awhile now :-[ I’m a Chrome user anyway so it makes sense. You’re right though, the name is GOLD. :smiley:

Indeed.It is second only to Iron Portable in my opinion and I have a sneaky suspicion that it wont be long before this sentiment will be outdated.
I have been a Comodo fan from the first time I installed their firewall and it has only gotten better.
I trust Comodo will do the same with Dragon.User functionality of ChromePlus is nice but I prefer peace of mind when it comes to web security and that really seems to be Dragon’s strongest point.