Chrome V9 is released...Dragon once again a big step behind...

The question is for how long we will have to wait this time ?
I am not read to wait 8 months like last time for an update.

I am with you on the update but it leaves me wondering, why would we want an update?

A normal user just wants a browser that works, some even have older versions if you check their computers.
By security they shouldn’t really be behind, it’s practically the reason that I don’t use Chrome.

You use chrome…cause you want the the latest cutting edge browser experience…

Also…security is also a good reason to keep your browser updated…

It’s a good argument. Some revert to old versions of the browser because the latest might deteriorate speed, so there are some reasons people don’t use the latest. It’s clear that they are working on the latest, albeit 9 or 10(reminds me when they skipped 7 entirely), maybe a “In the Process” section from the Development is in order?

For me, as long as CD is secure, I don’t mind what version we are on. TBH, I’ve no idea what gets added to these newer versions of Chrome/Chromium anyway (must be all under the hood as the GUI seems to stay the same).


Version 9 adds basically just WebGL as default on, plus some fixes, Instant google search and Cloud Printing option in settings. Not that much interesting update. I doubt there are websites that already use WebGL a lot.

So Google trows with major revision update’s in their version number with this kind of updates in the release-notes? Looks like “see how fast we develop new versions… marketing” to me.

Security fixes are a completely different ball-game, they do matter, and it shouldn’t be the case that a high risk issue in chromium isn’t fixed with a new upgrade of CD.

Today, we’re excited to bring several new features from Chrome’s beta channel to the stable build, including WebGL, Chrome Instant, and the Chrome Web Store.

Security fix list

I wouldn’t touch any Google product, too many privacy issues.
Stick with Dragon or maybe Firefox.

This is exactly why we shouldn’t be concerned about the latest from Chrome, or might as well just stick with Chrome. :slight_smile:

I would like Dragon to keep pace with the Chrome releases but why Chrome keeps calling these relatively minor updates V1/V2/…V8/V9 is beyond me. Haven’t they ever heard of 8.3xxxx?

Hmmm… It seems to me :


a: if you have a new major feature this will go up
b: if you have a new feature or fixed a major bug
c: if you have fixed minor bugs…

Thats what i think is happening…

Me personally, I do like Some google products (Earth, GMail)

I think that CD is doing a great job!
I don’t mind if they are 3 versions behind, as long as they keep it secure and stable :slight_smile:

my 2 cents


I mean, seriously, you don’t know what they are doing and how they work. So, from the looks of it, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge because the browser is based on a previous build.

Other than that, Jacob leaves me speechless.

I’m not judging, I think the CD team does a fantastic job. That said, I do think they do & should strive to be on the cutting edge while keeping stability. I’m not complaining, just encouraging. :-TU

The top portion was meant to User23344, who started this thread, more like clarifying myself.

The bottom explains how I totally agree with you. :slight_smile:

Oh, I see. :slight_smile:

Hello, I would like to know what’s the difference browser SRWare Iron by Comodo Dragon? like they both have good security … and yet, it is true that the developer of the browser Comodo Dragon, the code uses an advertising module? As in other programs. Exactly when a new version of Comodo Dragon? developers are very few take the time this browser :-\

This is why I don’t use translating sites/programs for anything, or I double-check with a fluent speaker for any translations.
Iron is made by Comodo? Not that I know of.
Both Comodo and SRWare try to make the browser as safe as possible from calling Google with anything you do, Privacy 101. Plus, they provide some of their own security features. I honestly favor Comodo because it’s a security company, I expect security to be “Top Priority.” V9 of Iron removes the Instant feature, due to someone complaining that for the feature to work it would probably call Google for the suggestions that eventually display. I love the Instant feature, yet if they have a purpose of removing it, so be it.

I hope someone can fill the “advertising module” he speaks of.
They take their time and release a great product, let’s not forget about the requests that they are trying to fill in.

I hope someone can fill the "advertising module" he speaks of.
I have no idea ??? There's adblock plus feature for it (there a couple different ones of them) Here's one of them

it would be good to hear from Comodo themselves…about a realistic ETA ?
I know it is all about resources… if they put enough resources on the project…
it will be no need to for it take 8 months to update to V9.

IRON is already in V9.
But Iron’s code is a lot less modified…
I doubt they even go through all of the code…
like Comodo seem to do…since comodo
does go through the whole code and clean of “■■■■”
it is actually faster then the original chrome version…
which is indeed very impressive.

Speed/performence is only one reason to move over to V9…
but there is also many more…

And other question is…the ETA of V10…
some one said…they might skip V9…

As long as V10 is only beta code…the comodo team
cannot begin to go through the code to complete Dragon V10…
So I am sure…V9 will be next version…but…it would not surprise me if the
Chrome V10 is released very soon after Dragon 9… Dragon will always be a step behind…
which is understandable…But if people are going to keep using Dragon…the ETA of new updates to new versions should be a lot more predictable… not even on forums the developers in charge express anything…on what is going on in the projects…it is a closed circle…only comodo themselves know how far they are into the progress…I would wish a better openness by Comodo… and tell us atleast on the forums what is going on… and when we can expect a final release etc.

Have you checked the Beta board :wink:

Comodo Dragon ver beta is now available for download