Chrome, Safari and Verification Engine?


My question: why don’t support the Verification Engine two of my favourites browser: Google Chrome and Apple Safari?


Comodo sent me a email saying that V.E supports all major browsers with a picture of google chrome.

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They sent me that same e-mail too, but when I try to install there is no option available for the Chrome Browser, also all the FAQ’s and support pages make no mention of Chrome, Very misleading email or maybe they have not updated the installer and FAQ???

Probably the the picture that included the icons of Safari and Chrome along with the more widespread Internet Explorer and Firefox was the only match they got. :-La

Indeed the list of supported browser on VEngine site do not include Safari and Chrome yet but it does mention an email for further info.

Guess they can confirm if a new release will add support for them and thus replace the current Windows installer which make clear those browser are not supported.

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Oh come on now you can’t be telling me that is the only icons they had of IE and firefox and right next to the picture is a we supports all browsers wording

I guess I meant that they probably didn’t have a picture with only IE and Mozilla to flank that All Major browser wording considering that the Vengine site linked in the email and VEngine installer do not mention support for Chrome and Safari.

But I’m wondering that if that picture would have featured only Firefox and IE instead, some could have started arguing that everybody should address Safari and Chrome as Major Browsers as acknowledgment of their merits. :a0

Whenever Chrome and Safari will be supported I do no know. It looks they aren’t ATM but they might be as soon they get listed on VEngine site and VE installer.

After it is all said and done it is a misleading email as using a pic like that next to all major browsers wording means erm hmmmmm err that is supports all major browsers and does it? Does it heck!

I wonder if anyone could have imagined that they had to create a different picture when they got to link the site providing more information.

Two words like “Major Browser” aren’t much descriptive like the full list of the supported browser on the Vengine site linked in that email and the VEngine installer but are apparently enough to bump this topic…

Should have it been “For All Major Browsers” and a note under the picture worded “meant to generically represent Web browsers as application type an not any of them in particular”?

No it should of been the right picture then none of that would apply. As then people would not bother going to the site to get a big slap in the face by reading that is does not support all major browsers just some.

As above post.


For what it matters to the vast majority of people “all major browsers” will likely mean IE and Firefox (at most) whereas chrome and safari icon in that picture will mean nothing to them. :-La[/td][/tr]

Those poor people getting slapped in the face due to a picture… ???

I can’t quite picture the above quote but I see a huge difference between people asking if a less widespread browser (hence NOT Major for everybody) will be supported and those arguing because a picture in an email didn’t appear “right” :-\

It is a moot point if Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and their eventual derivatives can be considered major as alternatives (to IE) whereas a picture and few words cannot supersede a more detailed description (available on the linked site)

But if you meant that some could create a commotion out of that then I got you point. :-X

maybe comodo needs to update this page here: