chrome profile can't load

I installed CFW on windows 10 x64, and set it to proactive config,
chrome gives an error message saying it cannot load my profile.

perhaps related, perhaps a separate issue: the next thing chrome does is try to install a few extensions. One of them is Norton Family. When I enable this extension, a randomly named comodo batch file runs, and gets sandboxed. (There is a certain norton family process that needs to communicate with the browser, in order to scan secure connections)

Did you try to create another profile?

well, I tried to recreate my original profile, by logging in again and letting it start to sync.
But after a reboot, I got the same error message again: can’t load profile.

It does not happen with default configuration?

I don’t know, I didn’t try.
I don’t have comodo installed right now to test it out, I had to uninstall because the problem was too crippling.

It looks like this issue was caused by Avira antivirus and/or Avira chrome extension.
After uninstalling Avira and deleting leftovers, I haven’t seen the problem reoccur.

Glad you solved it. Quite a strange issue. :slight_smile:

I’m glad too.

But they gotta sort out the issue with the command line analysis – it needs an option for making exceptions. I get three prompts every time I start Chrome, because of Norton Family chrome extension

They are probably working on improving usability of mentioned feature. Let’s see what happens with next build.

actually, I still see this issue sometimes, in varying levels of severity.
It seems to happen if I start up chrome relatively soon after logging in to my Windows user account, before the system settles down.

Are you sure it’s caused by CIS? Does the issue persist if you add exclusion for Chrome under HIPS > Detect shellcode injections ?

I tried the shellcode exclusion for chrome, it didn’t seem to help.

I have this issue only when Comodo is installed.

I saw the issue in firewall and proactive config, but it is possible that there is no issue in internet config. I didn’t spend enough time in that config to say for sure.

At this point (without Avira, only Windows Defender), if I am patient enough to let Windows finish loading, and CPU usage goes down to a normal level, I can then start Chrome without issues.

When you experience the issue, try typing in address bar : chrome://conflicts/
Save page > Attach

conflicts page attached.
this was after chrome failed to load user profile, but also did not throw an error message.
The behavior is unpredictable.

Did you try disabling embedded code detection?
When you uninstalled CIS, did you also uninstall ISE?

What is ISE?
I just uninstalled Comodo the regular Windows way.

Actually, that’s not true what I just said. Now I remember: I didn’t uninstall, I restored a system image

ISE = Internet Security Essentials
I was wondering if that’s the cause of your issue – its module is also injected in Chrome.

thanks. I am assuming that ISE is found only in CIS, not in CFW?
I have just CFW installed, with no antivirus component.
Maybe if I get a chance I will try disabling the code detection and see what happens.
Actually, I think it is disabled by default in internet config – maybe I will try internet config and see.

Not sure if it’s relevant.

It’s enabled by default.