Chrome not working in CIS Sandbox for me.


I’ve noticed that Chrome doesn’t work in the CIS sandbox for me, the confusing thing is that it hasn’t worked even after reinstalling Windows. Is there anyone else who have noticed this or is it just me? If it’s just me, could someone try my configuration and see if that blocks Chrome from working in the Sandbox?

I decided to put this in the help section instead of bug section because I’m not sure if others are having this issue and I would like some feedback of that first.

For an easy overview of how many people it works for and not, I’ve created a poll.

PS. Comodo Dragon doesn’t count.

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Sanya IV

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Any more voters? Would be good to know for how many people it doesn’t work to see if it’s a local issue or an issue with CIS/Google Chrome.
Edit: Just an FYI, you don’t have to test my config if you voted yes, it’s just something you could do if you have time etc, but nothing I absolutely need you to do, so if that made anyone reluctant to voting Yes then be sure to vote yes anyway since you don’t actually need to try my config! :wink:

I stopping using Google Chrome along time ago has to much built in tracking, and firefox starts up faster for me, even with addons. And the way chrome does bookmarking felt cumbersome to me and I couldn’t find and addon to handle it the way I wanted.

I was under the impression that disabling certain options in the settings would turn off the tracking?

The start-up speed doesn’t matter that much for me, as long as it doesn’t take like 5 seconds to start or something like that.

I honestly do not know what Chrome does differently from Firefox since it was quite some time ago I used Firefox but I can say that I like the bookmarking in Google Chrome, I guess I’ve just gotten used to it but I like that bookmarks bar.

I don’t see the reason to have a whole tab devoted to bookmarks, I tend to use ctrl+b for bookmarks sidebar.

A whole tab? You mean the start-page? I don’t use that, I use the bookmark bar which is directly under the address bar.

Apologies to SanyaIV for being OT.

Hi aim4it,
I am not doubting the truthfulness of your comment but your experience did surprise me, because from my experience and many others FF has always been noted for is slow start-up in comparison to other browsers.
It is commonly known to be one of FFs downfalls.

Kind regards.
Edit: Spelling correction.

Most of my topics are open for off-topic talk. :wink: (as long as it does not become the new aim of the topic, i.e several pages are about a specific off-topic issue)

Still not working in CIS Version 6.2.285401.2860