chrome extension vanish after using secure shop

Allo im using CIS 10 and im facing a problem i use comodo secure shoping with chrome has my default browser for secure shoping protection , ive notice that the extensions are disabled in chome when i open in comodo secure shoping environement that seems to be normal and does not causes any problems for me , however there is one extension that is lastpass that after i use chrome inside secure secure shop and open chrome again outside secure shoping but(sandboxed) the extension that was disabled(lastpass) disapears and i have to reset the sandbox for it apear again normaly
if anyone has an idea about this please say it thank you!

ive notice that this only hapens when im using safe shop with chrome and chome sandboxed outside safe shop at the same time!

Can you explain a bit better.

  • You always sandbox chrome with another application (like sandboxie)
    after using secure shopping the lastpass doesn’t load when you launch chrome sandboxed
    it loads when you launch chrome normally?

when i lunch chrome normaly after using chrome inside secure shopp the extension vanishis and i have to manualy put it again