Chrome as default browser messes up Email Certificate Collection

My Email certificate is expiring in a few days. Our company is getting new ones for everyone.

I tried to use the mail they sent to apply for certificate and it says it can’t install it.
My first attempt was to use the Button in the E-mail and it went to my default browser (Chrome), but the install part doesn’t work on Chrome, so I went to IE.

It fails.

I get a message saying This Certificate could not be installed. etc… and telling me I could have deleted my private key.

I didn’t have the existing certificate ‘installed’ to the system, just to my email (Thunderbird).
I then exported it from the email and installed it into CertMgr.msc snap-in with private key and all and re-did the process and still get the error.
Then tried adding site to Trusted Sites.
Then disabled protected mode from IE.

Are there any instructions on how to do this when not using MS mail clients or IE as default browser or that’s slightly different? And which private key are they talking about?


After checking the support forum I saw a reply to a user who used Chrome and told them that they had to ‘revoke’ and do over. However the online revocation doesn’t let me log in with the user/password given to me.

So I’m stuck.