Chrome app store

Does CD work with the chrome store and can all apps run in CD from this store?

Yes, although, I only use 2 extensions and 1 app, so I can’t say that they all work.
There’s a chance some might not work.

For Now, Probably 98% of them work


Great thanks…installing ;D

as far as i know all web apps don’t install but all extensions work

I have tried to install several extensions that absolutely will not work on CD, but do work on Chrrome, so I have to say that the percentage of extensions that work on CD is more like 75-80%.

The percentage of Themes that work on Chrome but not on CD is much worse! I have seen a trend for only about 40-50% of the Themes available at the Chrome Store working properly on CD.

Most of the Themes have problems in one of three areas: The tab labels, the buttons or the download bar tabs. The problem is always a visibility problem and is caused by CD not allowing Theme creators to set colors or backgrounds the same way in those areas as Chrome does. I know that CD maintains the same color background on the download bar tabs, regardless of what the Theme creator sets them at, so that is the root of that problem. Many dark themes set download tab text as a light color and the tabs as a dark color. The buttons at the top are often set to a dark color with the background set to a slightly lighter or contrasting color, but the overall background color seems to be applied to the toolbars, menu bar and tabs, so the tints or contrasts that are allowed in Chrome are ignored.

I use very few apps, so I’m not sure if there are any problems with any of them.