Chrome Almost twice as fast as Dragon in Benchmark Test

I did compare the two browsers today on my laptop…the difference is very big.

Version 5 or 6?

Dragon at the moment is on Chromium 4.

The current version of chrome is 5.

If some one have the energy could you please compare chrome 4 with dragon 4 ?
Would be interesting to see. Anyway…I am very close to give up on Dragon now…
These Benchmark results are depressing… and I think I will try to anonymize chrome manually. There is even an unofficial program now that will do it for you. it is called “unchrome”

This software makes it even harder for me to get convinced why I should use Dragon.

Hi Sal

What’s happening with CD at the moment? Has been quiet for quite some time (over 2 months). I would have thought a few beta’s would have surfaced by now.