Chrome 11 is out...

Chrome 11 is out biggest update is that 27 security holes has been fixed.

…and in 6 weeks from now, Chrome 12 will be out along with Firefox 5. 88) (Chromium is up to 13 btw)

We don’t need a new thread every time a new version of Chrome comes out. (please?)

Thank you for the Latest Google Chrome Alert, I updated from the Beta 11 to Stable 11 yesterday. ;D :smiley:


I do hope that the Chromium Browsers and/or Internet Explorer get(s) an option to have them Automatically Always Run In Incognito Mode/InPrivate Mode, I know about the shortcut trick, but if an application needs to open a Chromium Browser/IE on its own; then it will open in Standard Mode, so having an option like Firefox would make it a lot simpler/better.

I like how Firefox has had this option for a while now, so it is still my main browser for now; I am a bit surprised that some of the other browsers have not added this option yet. :smiley:

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!ot! And by the end of the year it will be Chrome 2x or so. What a silly version number system… :wink:

Just for comparison: Opera browser is at v 11.1 since its was born around 1996…e Mule is right now at version 0.50a… :smiley:

!ot why do you like Opera over Dragon/Chrome? or Firefox?
just curious

We are waiting for Comodo Dragon

It’s fast and has a lot of useful functionality straight from the box for which I don’t need to install extensions and mess with possible conflicts between those.

I started using it ages ago in 2003. Then of course I had the inevitable flirt with the Fox back in the days but that was only short lived.

And on top of that. I am a creature of habit like most of us and it takes something really good to drag me away from something that works.

27 security holes…is serious…so…I hope…we will see an update soon.

I thought about it. If they branch out and they work on WebKit, Gecko, or even Trident, they will be nagged that the version of those engines are outdated, when the new one comes out.

You also sound like my whinny cousin. “My computer is slow, fix it.”
It gets old and painful. I do the best I can but it doesn’t change the fact that he will always complain with new problems, your case is new Updates.

Just because they are behind, or were, it doesn’t mean that they don’t know that the latest is out, so don’t come saying what’s new. How can they work with something if they don’t know what’s out to work with? I believe that they know that the latest is out, maybe they knew about 12 Beta beforehand as well.

I suggest that every topic like this should be Locked and whoever nags should use Chrome’s latest until Comodo comes out with it’s latest, or just stay with Chrome if you want to brag about it so much. I guess that’s the thanks they get for putting effort to make their version of a browser? Ouch!

May be Google could wait until the partners caught up and then release Chrome 11. That’s not unheard of in the world of software updates. This will of course produce a predictable and well known discussion where people take predictable positions… etc… 88)

In short if you want to have the latest developments Chromium brings stick with Chrome. Others will always be behind. It is known and being chosen for.

I got an idea. Why doesn’t Comodo just take Chromium 11, or whatever is latest, and just put the Comodo logo, but release it to the public right away? Then, they slowly push up updates to alter Dragon, removing privacy concerns, etc.

This might stop the topics about a new version of Chrome.
Yet, that also brings a problem. The majority of the end-users don’t usually update, they just get a browser and use “as is,” until the new update comes along, where some don’t even update at all (I’ve seen some friends/family using Firefox 3.5 on their computers).

So, in that case, the patching updates could be loaded in the background without needing to restart, or when the browser restarts, eventually users will close the browser and later open it, the updates become installed silently.
Now, that requires checking for updates, so it’s a dilemma about the browser calling Comodo home.

Just an idea. :slight_smile:

I have thought about that too before, those ideas sound good to me, thank you for sharing that. :slight_smile:

The browser has to close to update itself.

The mechanism that Chrome uses to silently update in the background is not open source at this time, thus we would not be able to use it.

Doesn’t your software have some kind of method that does something similar?
Maybe like an antivirus that updates the signatures in the background, without interrupting the user’s experience. Using that technology on your own-based browser. I don’t know much about software programming but it doesn’t hurt to try, then again it’s just an idea.

I am still patiently waiting for Dragon 11. :slight_smile:

No, it simply checks if there is a new version out and downloads the WHOLE program all over instead of getting a differential update, which in comparison would be a lot smaller.

Maybe like an antivirus that updates the signatures in the background, without interrupting the user's experience.
AV functions based on signatures which would be considered a module. Typically with Browser updates you touch all aspects of the browser from the rendering engine to the UI and things are interconnected. It would be difficult to have a web browser/Application that could be patched on the fly with no user intervention. I know of no such PC application that can do this.

It’s a good idea, but it is not that feasible to accomplish.

I use avast! and it has “Silent/Gaming Mode” it does it’s job in the background without intervention, or you meant about big upgrades, then, yes, it might ask me to restart the PC, but no interference with small patches.

Edit: I remember a topic started in the ChromePlus! forums about some guy wondering why it wouldn’t silent install without intervention. Then, he fixed the problem with a program called “AutoIt.” Something else he pointed out, he installs Windows on his computer silently with this,

Back on topic: Is anything that we have requested possibly planned to be implemented in any upcoming Dragon versions? I hope that some come in their version 11.

Very nice, good work Comodo, 11.4 version is now available!
I LOVE COMODO! :smiley: I definitely feel more safe now…