Chrome 10 is out...

And we never even got a version 9 of Dragon? (apart from the Beta)

Just skip Dragon 9 and concentrate on Dragon 10 instead :wink:

This is disappointing I must admit. :frowning:

and in 6 weeks from now, Chrome 11 will be out. Six weeks after than Chrome 12! Heck, we will probably see Chrome 16 before the end of the year! :o

I think it is part of their strategy to make followers look slow. Imo what most would call minor updates, chromium and Chrome call major. I do wonder if Dragon would be better off going away from Chromium altogether.

Mozilla will be adopting a similar strategy but instead of every 6 weeks a stable version, they will be releasing one every quarter. (4x instead of 8x a year)

Personally, I would like to see CD based on it’s own versioning. Currenlty, CD will always be playing catchup with Chromium/Chrome :(. Version no’s mean nothing to me (it’s just a name or number). Lets see some new cool features added to CD to make it stand out from the crowd. Of course, security updates are a must (first priority).


That would make all chrome fanatics stop using dragon…more people would instead use Iron.
So I find it important for Dragon to catch up with the latest chrome versions.

I also hope they skip version 9. But I highly doubt they will…cause they have been working on V9 for some time already…and it would mean that all this work has gone to waste…

Anyway… V10 seem to be a major update and performance boost…
But I have also been reading the performance boost may not be visible in benchmarks but in real world use.

I don’t know why you guys are so caught up on the later version of Chrome. Just use Chrome and stop bothering here. They don’t modify the Chromium to be up-to-date with the latest, they just make up for it with some additional features, let’s hope some features get added that are worth it for my rant, that make it their own.

I think that they have told us the reasons why they take time to develop a Chromium build already. Let’s not forget that this is not Chrome so lay off Dragon. All this is doing is bringing down Dragon for feeling left behind or too slow to catch up, that’s wrong. Are you guys working for Google that you have to come dissing Comodo for their build versions?

Suggestion: Quit being up-date freaks, I am an update-freak on some products for certain features that I requested and am awaiting for, and just use the product. Just because latest it doesn’t mean that the latest is the best.

If you read the Iron forums, they complain about the “Ask Me” feature for cookies that was removed from Version 8+, and it was because of Google. Most rather revert to Version 7 to keep the feature, and, yes, I know that there are extensions that can make up for it. (They prefer a built-in solution rather than extension, which they state that extensions can possibly “Call Home.” Tin-foil hat alert, sure.)

At start-up Dragon is not the fastest, but at warm-boots it’s the fastest to show up. So, that’s performance right there.

[at]Sal Amander: I’m not saying it’s a keep up with the Jones’ type deal. One version behind is one thing but 2 is another. Some people may be reluctant to use Dragon for this reason. We know you guys work your butts off, it’s just a matter of having “update your software” being beat into your head for years. :wink:

[at]megamanx: I don’t want to use Chrome, I’ve been using Dragon exclusively since its inception & I love it. That doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion, right or wrong, on it. I think I’ve been a fervent Comodo supporter for long enough to have earned that right. That being said, I’ll continue using Dragon…and voicing my opinion. ;D

To say that it’s disappointing is really nonsense. If someone releases a product, there is no right to tell them that they are behind. I think that they know that 10 is out already and they might be working on it, but put them down in a post, really?

Let’s see how the majority really thinks. “I just want something that works.”
The majority starts up their browser and it works, there. (The sites not loading, Comodo’s DNS servers not working, or extensions not working, including themes, are the real reason to brag about, not about it’s version.) If the browsers work, in perspective, then no one should really complain.

Again with the mayority, the majority doesn’t really pay attention to updates. I would go to see friends and check their computers. Most of my their computers are so far behind in updates and latest versions of many programs, that’s how we have to think. (I literately had to install SP1 and then SP2 on their computers, for Vista. SP3 on their Windows XP. And it’s not because they are holding back for a reason, they don’t care as long as the computer starts up and the browser loads up.)

I love to test the newest and latest, even BETAs, so I am siding with you on that part of them being behind.

ChromePlus! is behind because of their Chinese New Year celebration, or maybe Comodo’s Dev Team has other plans. They are human and have lives. :slight_smile:
Of course I contradict myself with saying this, but they should be up-to-date or they are busy with something else.
(I side with you there, I will never use Chrome, no matter how far ahead in versions it is to the others.)

If Chrome is V10 & Dragon is V8, they are behind, whether it’s seen as a big deal or it’s even relevant is besides the point, it’s still behind. Having a “right” to tell them an obvious fact doesn’t make any sense. When did I put them down? Read my post to Sal Amander again, I never put anyone down.

I was merely quoting your “This is disappointing I must admit.” Disappointing that they aren’t how we want them to be? I should be taking it on JV. I assume that he is bored and has nothing better to do, but it’s just an assumption. :stuck_out_tongue:

I put myself in their position and feel how this bashing is getting to them, it doesn’t feel pretty. Even if they are 5000 versions behind, it’s all about choosing who to be with and standing by their side.

I hate to repeat myself but I have to. “If you are thrashing Company 1 for they antiquated version over Company 2 with a newer version, just stick with the Company 2’s version product and leave Company 1 alone. Under no right should someone be told to do something just because someone else is doing something different.”

I got an idea, why not tell Google to slow down their Chrome updating or tell them to wait for Dragon to catch up?

Our constructive criticism should motivate them to find more effective methods to keep up with the latest Chrome versions…In fact…iti s all behind close doors…we have really no idea how much work and how much resources are included in this project…and most important is how they use all this time and resources. But 6 months to complete next version is not OK if you consider that 90% of all the work is already done for them.
I can understand that is a very time consuming process to go through the chromium code…but perhaps they need to find more effective ways to speed up the work.

But yes. I prefer quality…so no need to rush in panic for next versions…I am ready to wait give Comodo some extra time…but 6 months is too much…I appreciate that they take the time to go through the code in depth and every detail to make it as good as possible…in other words…I do not want to compromise just to get out it as fast as possible.

However… V10 seem to be a very important update… one of them is that it use sandbox technology for flash.

For Google Chrome does not catch. Therefore, Comodo Dragon should develop at their own pace. Too frequent release of new versions is not good. In Comodo Dragon focuses more on security, and in Chrome there.

There went our petty squabble, yet I am still anticipated what the Dev team has to say.

Either way, hopefully they have made 9 into a stable version by now or plan to roll out 10 BETA at the least.
It’s not much of saying that it’s “A race to capture your base.” It’s more like, “Let’s see what we can do with Chromium and add stuff that users have requested, without compromising speed and quality.”
I am still waiting if it gets a built-in adblock, so I can move away from Iron with it’s light, yet slightly effective, adblocker.
To make it light, we can’t be installing extensions and even though Adblock Plus doesn’t really show much of a slow down on startups, not noticeable to my perspective, the lighter(less) the better.