Christmas Wish List

The holidays are coming… gifts, presents, vacations even relatives are fast approaching. If you have any wish list for this yuletide…

post away… :a0

Hi Jo and welcome. For my Family to be happy and healthy is the only gift I need. Maybe just a few days break from home with my Family would be nice. Not much into material things. Sorry my wish is a bit boring. Kind regards to you.

I find your wish wise Captain; if you have everything but a bad health all you will wish to be/become healthly because material things only makes happy for a certain time.


To find a job and so i could be a bit more stable in my day to day life…


me too, but I would also want to have the money to finally get some dental work that I have been putting off. For people in Europe who don’t know, dental work in the USA is very expensive. Just some x-rays and a filling can cost a few hundred dollars easy. I need more work then that so I need thousands of dollars to get it done.

[to Languy99] You seem to be dam good at computers. Why don’t you make company that’s test software and that gives consult to others. I wish I had your knowledge.


I’m ok but not that good. If I could redo my college years I would actually stay away from technology totally and do something in the medical field, but it’s to late now. My field is automotive engineering and as most of you know it’s doing so good (sarcasm). I will just keep looking, not much more I can do.

Thanks Valentin


Hi Languy my wife said it is never to late to follow your dreams, she went back to study later in life and has changed her job. Good luck with your dental work. Kind regards to you all.

Maybe you can barter. Trade computer help for dental help.
Just an idea :slight_smile:

I don’t know how old are you, but there isn’t late to do what you want to.
You must try, always. When you don’t do it, you will never know that you choice was good or bad.

I think Languys99 is around 20’s. [to Languy99 ]If you have the will and the power to begin new studies then go for it! I know people that began to study at the age of 40. (I can imagine that in USA it’s hard to study at the university, especially re-begin)


Go, go Languy! :smiley:
When you’re about 20… you’re very young, and you can change your mind - remember, you have to do what you like! You like medicine - just do it.

Not to do it is also a choice.

Right, then… when you won’t do something and say for ex"It’s to hard" you will never know that is truly hard and maybe you can do it.Just don’t say “no” too fast.

My English is poor, be patient =]

Before I studied for a year Biotechnology (I would sure like to work in that field; I like biology) but I have realized that I would like to work in the computer field instead. I will begin to study “development of e-services” in February and I feel that I made right choose.

Good luck Valentin. Time will tell if you have made the right choose, but I am sure you have and all the best for the future.

Actually, I would like a laptop or a desktop (mainly a laptop for christmas so i can better help people on the forums) Running 7 Virtual Machines from a USB flash dirve while running XP on a flash drive and that is plugged in a VERY SLOW Library Computer lol

So Santa, Can i have a laptop or a job so i can get a laptop lol!


Heres My List:

  1. NetFlix ( :D)
  2. A comuter that had 3000+ Viruses (is that even possible ;D)
  3. A J-Taged Xbox (hehe so i can back Mod it :D)
  4. A Job (i really need one right now -.-)
  5. Possible new phone? hmm…
  6. More things on my list :stuck_out_tongue:

Sony PRS-650 ebook reader. :stuck_out_tongue:

And some more will-power, but I haven’t found any cheap. 88)

I know what else i want! i want…the ability to fly :o :o :o :o :o