Christmas 2010

Hi to everyone. I would just like to thank Melih, Comodo, Forum Mods and all other Forum Members for making Comodo Products and Forums enjoyable and educational. I personally wish you all a very Happy and Fun filled Christmas. Please stay safe, because I care and because I would like the opportunity to be able to interact with you all next year. Hope you get lot of presents maybe some new jocks, socks, or even some new DACS. All the very best to you all for 2011. I know it isn’t quite Chrismas yet but the Holiday season has already started for some. Enjoy

Same to you Cap’n and to all the forum members. :wink:

Don’t drink too much.
Don’t drink too little.
Get on the floor and play with the kids.

Have a happy, safe, great Chrissie!!!

Isn’t to early? ???

Anyhow, I wish Melih, all of the comodo teams, JoWa, Mouse captainsticks, panic (Ewen), and all of the other members and incoming members happy and enjoyable Christmas and of course Happy New Year!


Thanks Guys be safe have fun fun fun.

I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Thanks Gleach and back to you, have fun fun fun and enjoy. Kind regards.

Oh, come on captain, we all know your real intention behind your sort-of premature wishes - you just wanted to be first ;D. Just kidding 88).

Seriously now, I’d like to join the preceeding posters in wishing every member of the Comodo community a very merry Christmas and a wonderful and splendid New York Year (;D). Let all our dreams come true in 2011!

Take care!

Hi there, hey I like your humour it made me smile. Not only early with Christmas post but early with Family get togethers it is happening Tomorrow, can’t wait to give my little Girl her pressies. Rostered work commitments over Christmas has caused this for us this year with a rotating roster. I wish you all the very best for Christmas and for 2011 also. Anything to make you smile is great and your reply did that. Kind regards.

Everyone’s talking about children and grandchildren. Am i the youngest here? I am only 19. May be i should get married as soon as i reach the legal age…

P.S Advance christmas wishes folks…

BAH HUMBUG!!! I wish each & everyone a very merry magical Christmas & a very happy & prosperous new year.


I haven’t gotten to the age of (mental) maturity yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve just seen Santa and his sack is full of free Comodo software, hope he brings you all something special tonight. My wish is for good health and fun for everyone wherever you are. Good luck to you all.

Hi Arjunpa, I was married at 19 and and been married longer. Happy Christmas.

Whatever you celebrate, have a great celebration and may it be trouble free and filled with peace. :slight_smile: Happy Holidays everyone. Spend time with your loved ones and be glad that we are alive on this planet in this vast universe.

My Merry Christmas wishes to the Comodo Team and everyone else. Happy and Healthy 2011 too in case I don’t get a chance to say it later on.

I hate dislike when people say “Happy Holidays.” Usually it is because they don’t want to say “Christmas.” 88)


I wish everyone a merry Christmas (excepting malware writers and spammers of course ;)).

Happy Holidays people.

Hopefully Star Shadow does not care what you dislike >:-D

Quite narrow >:-D Malware writers and spammers are harmless children compared to real evil.

I’m not in total agreeance, some Malware can destroy people financially or steal identities or even be used to track people down for bad reasons. This type of Malware seems fairly evil to me. Putting all bad aside have a nice Christmas or Holiday which ever is appropriate for you. Kind regards.

merry christmas. 25Dec for 47min now !

Merry Christmas to all of you… :slight_smile: