Chris Pirillo and Software Firewall Video

Thought you might like this short video from Chris Pirillo about software firewalls. (:CLP)

 In another post I linked to how his emagazine Lockergnome "Windows Fanatics" in several instances can produce results more significant than major organizations.  I wondered if Comodo promoted both its Commercial and Free products what the results would be.   

Check and see if from 07/07 for the next 2 weeks if the downloads for the Comodo Free Firewall Pro increases

Melih if you have any representative in the Seatle area, possibly they could attend the Gnomedex Convention (if you can call it that) . It is more like entertaining and informative seminars! (:NRD)
And also be a presenter for both the free Comodo products but also the Commercial software!

If you came it could be a deductable Business Expense and you could also make an appointment with Microsoft “IF” need be about Vista etc.

Unlike the major conventions there is ONLY 1 presentation at a time. And those that attend are interested about what is presented. And they have an influence in the organizations and networks they are involved in.

Here is the last post about Gnomedex and a link to it. Read the different links and you will see the difference. :THNK

Windows Fanatics
Gnomedex Space Filling Fast by Chris Pirillo on July 6, 2007 at 6:03 pm · Comments
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I’m not sure what else to say at this moment, other than… we’ve got less than 100 seats left for Gnomedex (which is coming up in a little over a month). This is roughly where we’ve been in years past - and will likely sell out once more. I’m not sure we’re going to do overflow rooms again, however. We certainly have the space for it - but I can’t help but feel that energy is lost if we’re not all sitting in the same hall.

So don’t wait too much longer before securing your passes. There are a lot more events happening these days - especially in the Bay area. What’s shocking to me is the surprisingly low numbers of Seattlites who have registered to attend?


Thank you for all this UncleDoug :slight_smile: