Choppy or Jerky Flash Video [Merged]

Still has this problem with new version(33.1).Kind of sick of it.On IE it’s fine.I wish Comodo would just fix it.I don’t want a work a round,i want it fixed.

Agree, still having the same issue.
Pretty frustrating.

We have to remember this issue stems back to the Chromium base and no I am not just trying to pass the buck. :slight_smile:
Comodo have posted quite a simple workaround in the release topic.

Thank you.


All you guys have to do is download and install Chrome and voila…Dragon flash works after that 100%. Dunno why, but it just works. You don’t have use Chrome at all…install and forget. Dragon flash is some how fixed by Chrome.

Yes, Dragon automatically uses Chrome’s PepperFlash if Chrome is installed. See


In my flash player settings manager it shows that I have…

ActiveX Version:
Plug-in Version:
Pepper Version: Not Installed

Can’t I just install the pepper version from Adobe?
If so, I can’t find it on any download pages.

I don’t want to install Google Chrome just to make CD flash work.

Been patiently waiting for the official fix.

Is it Google, Comodo, or Adobe that needs to fix the choppy flash video problem?

Hi Jamin4u,
As a workaround without actually installing Chrome, you can use the portable version of Chrome to grab a copy of the PepperFlash folder and contents.
I copy the PepperFlash folder from ‘C:\Install location\GoogleChromePortable\App\Chrome-bin\Version number’ and paste it into Dragons install location ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Comodo\Dragon’.
You can then delete the Chrome portable folder if desired to do so.

Kind regards.

Thanks captainsticks, that works just fine without installing Chrome.

Although, that means manually updating pepperflash.

Is there a way to install the Adobe pepper version just like the activex and plug-in version?

There is, but when I tried, Dragon did not find it.

Thanks for the link JoWa.

The page contains beta versions and the content debugger for PPAPI based browsers.

I can’t find a regular Adobe pepperflash install file. As you pointed out, CD only looks in the CD install location for pepperflash.

If these two things changed, this issue would be resolved.

From what I read on Wikipedia they will…

In September 2013, Google announced that NPAPI support in Chrome would be phased out during 2014 because "NPAPI’s 90s-era architecture has become a leading cause of hangs, crashes, security incidents, and code complexity.

Yes, only a debugger is available. The debugger works with Opera 24+ and Chrome, but currently not with Dragon. Comodo is working on a solution, but I have no further details on that.

And yes, that is correct about NPAPI: Chromium Blog: Update on NPAPI Deprecation NPAPI is already removed from Chromium for Linux.


Patience is all we need and this will all be behind us. :slight_smile:

Thank you for working on the choppy Adobe flash player issue.

So far, the fix is good for me except for one site.

Strangely, no right click menu on this site when playing trailers.

Since this is where I watch movie trailers, I’ll continue using pepper flash for now.