Choosing when to Update AV

This computer has low RAM and it is used to game on. When the AV auto-updates it freezes the games and shuts them down. Even when the AV is turned off it still auto updates. Can you please make it so we have an option when to update like Avast has? Or even make it so when we shut the AV off it won’t auto update


How about disable the updater in full screen mode?


I’ve asked for this a long while ago and many users have given support but still nothing :frowning:

As a minimum, there needs to be a way of turning off the balloon popups when the AV database is updated.
I’m getting lots of ear-ache from my son because it interferes with gaming - even standalone games which aren’t using the internet.
I would imagine that online games would suffer even more and in this case there needs to be a way of temporarily disabling AV updates completely.

Any chance of someting being implemented in the next 3.9 refresh?
Hope we don’t have to wait till V4 surfaces in ??? months time!

Relucatantly, I may have to remove the AV component of CIS and install Avast or similar in the meantime.

I dont get any popup’s… you might want to search some of the settings, or try hiding the icon in the notification bar. I’m not sure which is preventing the popup’s on my machine.

This example pic was posted in the usability forum, and it suggests many update options including the ones requested in this topic. Hopefully comodo will implement these.

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I agree with you all here. I’ve been a most loyal user of CIS for a long time now, but I find that there is no built-in scheduler yet, so because of this, whenever I play Perfect World International, I get lagged extremely bad because of CIS is constintly updating it’s virus database for about 5 minutes every 2 or 3 hours.

I would like to so much see the addition of a scheduler for the Ant-Virus database Updater into the program.


+1 :-TU

Yeah, we need an av update scheduler.


And automatically scan Quarantine for false positives after each update.

as if this topic was created right yesterday (nostalgic) :smiley: