Choosing Properties on an D+ alert freezes both the target program and D+

When trying to install / run for the 1st time any program, a Defense+ security alert is shown, as expected.
The problem is that in some cases I need to know more information about the program causing the alert and I’d wish to press the link under its icon in the upper part of the alert. At that point both the program which is being executed AND Defense+ freeze and cannot even be killed.
I don’t exactly remember when did this behavior begin, but I surely remember doing the same thing in previous versions of Comodo (which I have been using for quite a while) without experiencing any problem there… ???

some System Details:
Windows XP SP3
3 GB RAM, AMD Athlon 64 3000+
with Crystal Clear Aero theme installed
CIS 3.13.121240.574

PS: After trying a bit more (and restarting a bit more :wink: ) I noticed that the alerts from Comodo Antivirus and CFP have the same problem too.

Are you willing to try a clean install of CIS? If so, uninstall CIS, reboot, use this clean up tool and install again. Does the same thing happen?

@giovannibgr, did you resolve this issue ? Think I have the same problem.


Which program was the alert for?

I’ve had this happen to me once but the program was services.exe for some reason and the solution was to restart my PC …

Jacob Kilgore

Sorry about the delay, but it were some holidays meanwhile, then some more… you know how it goes :slight_smile: Since the problem described is not so much of a system breaker (you only have to remember to keep from pressing the links in the alerts)

Well, today I full-uninstalled CIS, rebooted, ran the cleaner .bat, rebooted again, and installed clean & fresh latest version of CIS.

As expected after a fresh install, it started throwing alerts about my startup programs’ activities, and on the fist of these, I tried to test my luck. Well, no luck… The system froze again and couldn’t even be restarted so I had to reset it the hard way.

@Jacob: I’m 99% sure that in at least one of the previous cases, the program was services.exe, but it sure was not the only one. In the today’s case, it was iFramework.exe, which is part of my wireless card’s driver

Do you have any other ideas?

Just found this topic with similar problem: Comodo alert freeze.

giovannibgr, I had a similar problem and I found out it was caused by a conflict with TeraCopy. Do you have it installed by any chance?

Well, couldn’t have thought of that, really!!! :o

Thank you both for the help and @EricJH: sorry that I couldn’t find the thread myself; @phaser: great testing, as already said in the other thread! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to play with the latest version of TeraCopy (2.1) and will update the thread in case of success - it’s a nice program by itself and it would be a shame to stop using it…