Chiron, Need to update Security settings but Not block Everything

Hi Chiron,

My fault, was on a site and download a video clip. It was a Trojan forgot the name (ab345HD…), and then found 2 Ask Toolbar Trojan , and Adware.MyWebSearch Trojan.

The Virtual Desktop almost worked perfectly. The only thing messed up was the start up and Windows7 fixed that plus I ran the startup tool from SuperAntiSpyware.

The problem I had with the Virtual Desktop was I could not open any folder nor open and program. The normal desktop worked fine.

Besides it getting by the Comodo Antivirus and Firewall, it was missed by Malwarebytes, and SuperAntiSpyware. What finally caught the trojans was Hitman Pro. But still could not open or run programs in Virtual Mode. Finally solved that problem by moving Wise Registry Cleaner to the desktop and running it in normal and virtual mode. The only thing I notice now is that Malwarebytes cannot load a rootkit driver in virtual mode, everything else seems to work.

I plan on switching to the Free Avira, and wondered what other suggestions you might recommend with firewall settings. CIS was setup following your recommendations and worked fine untill I downloaded that file. Had hoped Comodo would have caught or blocked them.

Comodo should have an online integrity check and repair. The firewall could block all out going and incoming ports except for those setup by Comodo for this integrity Check.

Thank You again,

I prefer to repair and not lose settings, but sometimes that is the only option left.

Did you try resetting the sandbox?

Remember before resetting to save all data stored in the sandbox to a safe place. Either on a place of choice of the non sandboxed system or in Shared Files.

As EricJH mentioned, does resetting the sandbox fix this?

The files and folders being locked in the Virtual Desktop until I ran HitmanPro and Wise Registry Defrag as mentioned above.
I did reset the sandbox when I had problems running Malwarebytes inside the Virtual Desktop, with the same results.

I did not think of saving or looked to see what data was stored. Is there instructions showing how and where to save ?