Chinese Army Unit Is Seen as Tied to Hacking Against U.S.

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Nothing new to me. It happens all the time. It’s all about cyber hacking now to see if you can detect it and protect it… Just like testing airspace with military jets. But the US does it to others so don’t look at it in just one way. But don’t tell me that Chinese government don’t support these hackers on the first place.

As far as the US is concerned - you reap what you sew, what goes around comes around its ■■■ for tat
what raised my eyebrows is that China have been poking the US’s SCADA systems, they control nuclear, water and electric grids, thats a little scary, military and security targets we expect to occur such as the RSA breach.

And naturally China deny’s Gov involvement they haven’t got caught with there hand in the cookie jar as the US did with Stuxnet.

[i]We’re all living in Amerika
Amerika ist wunderbar
We’re all living in Amerika
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We’re all living in Amerika
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We’re all living in Amerika
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We’re all living in Amerika
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APT is the biggest challenge the industry faces today.

The Motivation for writing viruses have changed. (eg: notoriety is not important stealing IP is the focus)
The technique for viruses have changed. (eg: viruses that stays stealth and only attacks very specific targets).

Today’s antivirus products using Default Allow architecture cannot protect against these threats, because the “Unknown is the enemy” and we all know “unknown is allowed” in default allow systems.


euronews: China attacks US cyber war allegations
Hong Lei, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said: “To make speculations and groundless accusations for various purposes is unprofessional and irresponsible, and does not help to solve the problem. China is also a victim of cyber attacks. To our knowledge, the US was the main source of the cyber attacks China suffered.”

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Los Angeles Times: “We know much more about who is doing this than we did even two years ago,” one official involved in the effort said. “We have traced attacks back to a desk in a [People’s Liberation Army] office building.”
Associated Press: U.S. authorities may consider the imposition of trade sanctions against China if it is confirmed that cyber attacks on U.S. companies and institutions are carried out with official support of Peking

Mark Twain: “If you do not read the newspapers - you uninformed. If you read the newspapers - you are misinformed.”

Herodotus says, “Very few things happen at the right time, and the rest do not happen at all. The conscientious historian will correct these defects”.
— «A Horse’s Tale» (1907)

Javelin Strategy & Research: More Than 12 Million Identity Fraud Victims in 2012…

“… 12.6 million victims of identity fraud in the United States in the past year, which equates to 1 victim every 3 seconds.
… nearly 1 in 4 data breach letter recipients became a victim of identity fraud, with breaches involving Social Security numbers to be the most damaging.”

Indeed. Few default allow security solutions now try to copy some default deny “ideas” such as Kaspersky in the application control. Many would cross this line sooner or later while Comodo would advance ever further.

The US… sanctioning China? That is hilarious, just think of the sudden drop in products!

WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2012 U.S. Department of Defense: Panetta Spells Out DOD Roles in Cyberdefense

[url=]“cyber Pearl Harbor”

No! Taxpayers’ money :wink:

Tenable Network Security: "A national survey of Americans shows a majority fear that cyber warfare is imminent and that the country will attack or be attacked in the next decade…
The survey shows that 60 percent of Americans who responded support increasing government spending to train and equip “cyberwarriors” to defend the U.S. against outside attacks…
… President having the same level of authority to react to cyberattacks as he has to respond to physical attacks on the country

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A war over the internet will end with someone trying to take control over the whole internet. Why do people have to be so angry? ??? Just watch My Little Pony and relax, no more wars be it “physical” or cyber. But then again I don’t live in America or China, but that doesn’t mean your rubbish* (sorry for the vulgarity(Edit: hah, auto-“correction”)) doesn’t affect us.
No entity should be in control of the Internet, no entity should have to right to censor the Internet. But the governments want it, because it would give them power and we all know that whoever is in power often desire more power.
I just want a teddy bear to cuddle and uncensored Internet, is that too much to ask for? Seems like it’s going to be soon.
[end of biased and emotional opinions]

garbage is not my :smiley:

American trash (hah, auto-“correction”)

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ITworld by Dan Tynan:

Is Facebook secretly using your data for nefarious purposes?

Raytheon’s RIOT software makes it easy for spooks to follow your trail across Facebook

Chinese cyberspies love Facebook, too


Ha ha ha LOL! ROFL! You made my day! :slight_smile:

I don’t really think it’s THAT funny? ???

But if it did amuse then what the hell :slight_smile:

… acquainted with those described in the report malware that companies or even governments to use against your competition for economic and political advantage

“subdivision Army of China «Unit 61398»” © Mandiant®

Presumption of Guilt - The Bill of Rights in America - the outright ban on the possibility of application of the presumption of guilt !!!


:smiley: look forward to: «Live Free or Die Hard 5.0/Unit 61398» (рус. «Крепкий орешек 5.0»)


:smiley: Americans have “the right to be stupid” © John Kerry

China fires back at hacking claims: ‘144,000 hacks a month, mostly from US’.


China says US regularly hacks its military sites

Summary: Web sites of Defense Ministry and China Military Online were hacked approximately 144,000 times per month in 2012, with over 60 percent of IP addresses originating from the U.S., says China’s defense ministry.

“We hope the U.S. side can explain and clarify this,” the Chinese defense official said.