Child Safety


What is your opinion for child safety to web.

I think this is very important point.

I agree :-TU.



What is your opinion for child safety to web.
kids [i]«These flowers streets, or, as the proletarians of mental labor, the flowers on the asphalt, deserve better. We, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, must help. And we, the gentlemen of the jury, will help them.» «Helping children. Let us remember that children - the flowers of life.»[/i] © אוֹסטָפּ סוּלֶאִימָן בֶּרטָה מָרִיאָה בֶּנדֶר-בֶּי [i]«Эти цветы улицы, или, как выражаются пролетарии умственного труда, цветы на асфальте, заслуживают лучшей участи. Мы, господа присяжные заседатели, должны им помочь. И мы, господа присяжные заседатели, им поможем.» «Поможем детям. Будем помнить, что дети — цветы жизни.»[/i] © Остап Сулейман Берта Мария Бендер-Бей
I think this is very important point.
This is not advertising:



P.S.: Sugar for learners:
P.P.S.: Comodo does not have to do “Network Security for the baby” of the program as “Norton Safety Minder.”

This is not advertising:



P.S.: Sugar for learners:
P.P.S.: Comodo does not have to do “Network Security for the baby” of the program as “Norton Safety Minder.”

Thanks for recommendations but,

Lots of people uses home computer with children.

I think, is comodo security program, it must be save our children from “bad face from internet”,

This is for our children security.

And, Norton is security program but make that.

I wish CIS have category blocking, porn & all.

I know Comodo DNS have that but I dont use DNS.

Comodo DNS not block porn sites.

  1. I use comodo secure dns (Free Comodo Secure DNS | Best DNS Security Solution 2022) but;
    a. I entered and not blocked by DNS.
    b. I entered and not blocked by DNS.

Sorry, these are examples.

I wish too and i wish you vote…

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Child Safety! Wonderful Idea maybe if you go to and vote for CFC it can become a reality! thanks

Cheers :■■■■

I firmly believe parents should take an active role here.
No app or software including what is currently available will ever stop kids from going to sites they shouldn’t be on, nor stop predators from connecting to them.
Unless parents start taking responsibility for what their offspring do / are Involved with, Web issues will remain.
I do not believe Comodo should develope any such software to prevent Web access outside of their secure dns.

Well then simply vote…CFC and… I argee but the simply sad truth is that most parents (key word most!) are lacking in skill when i comes to using the computer now with CFC it can level the playing field…as a “tool” I mean my mother can’t check her own email with out help… their are a few proxy that can be very useful… HTTP WatchGuard…I believe that what my school runs…I don’t get me wrong I figure out way around it but hey I am alittle ahead of everyone else…anyways CFC could be the helping hand that some parents need…

Proof of concept. You found a workaround. As I said, parents should and must take an active role in their children’s safety.

Thanks John,

Indeed, what’s next?

“Vote: Comodo must create a spyware/keylogger in order to check what their kids are doing”
Ivan,please keep in mind before creating new Voting thread: such disgusting Softwares already exist … just download and use’em

Did you read this and other threads dedicated to this “issue”?
Have you thought a bit about answers given by John, !H & others? I don’t think so.
Most people, as far as I know, are against such things

All of those “parenting Guardians” are easily circumvented. Takes few seconds of typing :wink: and practically any teenager boy or girl will show you how.

There is no such security that can substitute simple decent parent-children talk regarding the matter. Period!

We grow up and if we are healthy (hope you do understand this) we will go to those sites sometimes anyway no matter what.

Well, I hope that you will not create another vote about “…CIS have category blocking, porn & all” (read above). Probably that should’ve been “@ all” , because “& all” sounds way way too drastic :smiley:

As a security company Comodo and others should try to block any site(s) that may host malware and nothing else.
Not all adult sites are doing that. Moreover, that’s mainly not in their interest at all - they have billions of dollars of profit. At the same time there are “fake” adult sites. Those are just using “popular demanded” cover, but their goal is infecting you with rogue AV/ransomware/etc. That’s where they they are seeking profits. Big difference.
Anyway this is a huge issue, which practically cannot be solved here (like arguments between atheist & religious person about Gd)
But I hope that you may pick up some sense from the arguments of those who are against such kind of Software

My regards

I did vote for “yes”


Your opinion arguable,


Mother goes to child’s room and watches “what is he/she doing now?”

Mother sees that Child plays game on “the child game site”,

and mother goes her work on,

but child pushes some adds from site and goes to “kiss game” later than over there “xxx game” later than …

mother doesn’t watch this.

Every parents needs help internet security for child.

I tried “secure dns” from comodo, it wasn’t block porn sites. :frowning:

You’re right, but “parents need help for …”