ChicaPC-shield why did malwarebytes agree with them?


Why women need ChicaPC-Shield for their computers:

Imagine leaving the front door of your house open while you take a week’s vacation. Or setting your wallet on a park bench while you go for a jog. Or leaving your car unlocked and running in a mall parking lot while you shop. Unfathomable right? Yet women leave their computers open and vulnerable to threats every single day without giving it a second thought—despite the fact that cybercrime is on the rise and hackers are trolling the Internet looking for easy access to victims’ personal data and information.

A company run by women, for women, offering a branded version of Malwarebytes. Probably a little unnecessary and I can’t really understand the logic in making the separation between men and women, when it comes to security products. However, if they’re able to get a segment of the market that may be technologically shy, to protect their PCs, I wish them well.

Interesting marketing angle.

I thought it was a rogue until i saw the post over at Malwarebytes forum. I can’t really make my mind up if i agree with it or not. I think the idea is pretty good but i would have preferred a better implementation of it also their Pc-fix program seems a bit dodgy.

WOT says its score isn’t very good. Some commentators sayings its rogue.

I have used Chicalogic’s ChicaPC-Fix and ChicaPC-Shield and I am very much a believer and supporter. What is wrong with security products for women by women? There are tons of products that are made specifically with the woman in mind—that doesn’t mean there are “questionable” issues.

The programs I’ve used were easy for me to understand and utilize on my computer. I also have many readers who have used their products and they love them too.

Not sure what the beef is here but the proof is in the pudding!

I made some small test and also research and it seems to be clean and safe.

Valentin N

So what posistion do you hold at Chica logic?? ;D

I know its a safe a company i know Malwarebytes would not go into business with someone with anything other than a squeaky clean record and reputation. But I never like programs that scan your computer and lists numerous problems and errors and then make you pay to fix them. I think its a great idea but I don’t think just re skinning Malwarebytes is a good way to do it (my Malwarebytes keys even work with ChicaPC-shield).

EDIT: i just re read my post and it’s not overly clear. I am talking about their reg cleaner in the 2nd sentence and ChicaPC-shield in the 3rd. :-TU

It’s just a skinned version of MBAM? I don’t get it, how does that live up to the sales pitch in the first post without any functional and UI changes?

Oh… hang on. I see it find(s) and remove(s) the nasty threatening stuff that will cause you drama, misery, and pain. So, some sort of language pack then? That I get. :wink:

I like the clean interface and the ease of use. Plus I totally trust Malwarebytes so a products simplified for women that are non techie seems perfect.

So, the user interface is different from the Malwarebytes product?

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I get it. It’s what I created my website for My website I like to say “brings tech to the masses” because I explain things to specifically “Mommies” in terms they can understand. As someone who is technical like yourselves, you completely understand Malwarebytes, and therefore it doesn’t make sense for a re-brand. Malwarebytes, while an EXCELLENT tool, since I have used it to remove many viruses from my clients computers, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to the every day non-technical person. Chicalogic has changed wording on the software, and changed the UI slightly (It’s definitely not a ton different) to make it super easy for a non-technical woman to understand and be able to remove the viruses and malware from their computer themselves.

Re-branding happens all the time, with several products. I know Mozy (the online backup program) has several companies that re-brand it’s software. It’s just marketing to people that may not already be familiar with it’s products, which is a win for Malwarebytes, and for Chicalogic.

With regards to the registry cleaner. I don’t necessarily believe in registry cleaners to begin with. I just don’t feel like people should be messing with their registry unless they know how. If their software can do it, without messing with other programs though, then again women who don’t know anything about fixing their computers could find it helpful, personally I wouldn’t use the cleaner on a regular basis.

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I will try it on my mother-in-law’s laptop, install Chica and see if she understands it.

Valentin N

Hi all. I am not saying these are good or bad products, but if their are equally as good free products to do the same job why bother paying. I personally think Malware is unisex and you can’t go past unisex antimalware products. Imo If anyone thinks we need specialty antimalware for Women, I think that is downgrading their intelligence. Equal minds, equal computers, equal antimalware. No offence to anyone is intended. Kind regards.

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