Chess Game

Hi, I’m new to this sandbox. I updated today from 3.14 to CIS 4.0.14. My wife opened an old chess game (Chess Master 9000) by UBI Soft. No problem with all the older CIS. How do I get this out of sandbox ? It’s running there now. Do I just leave it long term? Suggestions. Thanks

is it effecting how the game is running? If not you can leave it in the sandbox. How the sandbox is supposed to work is like this. Th program gets sandboxed and automatically gets submitted to comodo. Comodo analyzes the program and determines if it is safe, if it’s safe CIS automatically moves it to my safe files.

The game runs OK, so what this does is not recognize this as a safe program and puts it in a sandbox. Then it sends the info to Comodo. If it’s a safe program how do they move it to my safe files? Updates ? Does the sand box put it out when this chess game is said to be safe? I assume it would be moved out of the sand box without me doing anything?. Thanks for your help

I also noticed another post by tracye11 having the same problem with a different UBI Soft game.

They add it to the white list and CIS moves it automatically. It should do it all automatically. But also remember that as of right now Comodo does not track games so they might not move it. But if it runs fine in the sandbox there is no reason to move it. Only if you have problems you should move it.

If you want you can add the application to your safe files and the next time it is run it will no longer be run in the sandbox.

Only do this if you’re sure the program is safe.