chekcing for update problem

Hi guys , I’ve been waiting for V4 to come for along time , now it’s the time to try it out ! >:-D

I went to ‘more’ and tried to check for update … however , it didn’t work … i don’t know if it did check in the background or not but there was no graphical user interface … so here is my question is this normal I mean because it’s beta there will be no update for the product till the final version released ! ? ???

thank you in advance + best regards !! :wink:

My understanding is that the next beta will have to be manually installed. The “Check for Updates” is disabled in this beta release.

the sandbox feature in this version is just awesome it blocked dozen of my private Trojans which is marvellous

btw … how many BETA do u think they will release before the final version ! ? ??? !ot!