cheers - let's bring a balance to the forum of problem reports

I don’t know any FREE program with snapshot support.
not only CTM is free, CIS/CTM is 100% Free, regardless it’s personal or business purpose.
And these software are well-qualified, you guys are a man of honor ;D
also COMODO has a great ideal, Creating Trust Online ;).
once I said before, i can’t imagine how cool it will be to work a company with that ;D

and for rootkit removal, when everyone loses our expectation,
CTM team promised us, and we know you are working hard.
once these features are implemented, when CTM is fairly stabilized, we’ll see.
people will use it worldwide.

cheers you all :smiley:

Hi dax123 ,

Please search & you will find :wink:

Sure, but it’s dangerous… & basically not workable solution
Hope you’ve read this & other forums properly

Then you are using WinDos , which probably was purchased legally instead of cracked … hehe! :slight_smile: Therefore, please compare how Apple’s one is “working-Yes” flawlessly compare to this one , which is “working-Not”

You are probably 88)… no, rather most likely kidding yourself
Acid cleaning will never happen no matter what security you are using
As for “Rootkits cleaning” by any AV solutions - just forget about that, please

…anyway how that (rootkits) issue is relevant to CTM ???


It seems CTM can rollback the system before the infection, hence removing the rootkit.

I watched some videos on youtube and it seemed really cool. Then I checked the forum and I stopped here. CTM doesn’t work on SSD, you can’t defrag, it isn’t recommended to have a dual boot with a Linux, and even the mod says it isn’t a tool to “play” with, serious business…

But it’s still interesting, I’ll just wait a little bit before trying it.

Nothing to say about CIS, it’s a great product, and I’m eager to see what’s coming next.

Oh, man, I wish to see this day… Oh, how I wish…

Restoring from infections.

You can, but you’re not supposed to do so.

A little bit more problematic: there isn’t a Linux version so it’s worse than not “only not recommended”.

if you use wubi, CTM is compliant to linux.
hope CTM will be grub-compatible.

I know some free product but it doesn’t support snapshot feature.
do you know any of them?? please I want to know that

for sure, CIS is for smart one. it’s not suitable for common people.

I used to use cracked software, but now I’m not.
I only use cheap or free software, and surprisingly it’s not bad it’s fairly usable.
just an offtopic !ot!

CTM’s not an AV, so it’s worth trying than doing nothing :wink:

yes, CTM has some constraints…

When you got your computer non bootable, well, remember what I’ve said.
If a Linux installation change anything in the Windows partition you’ll get everything messed
and, you can lost all your data!

It’s not a problem with boot loader but the file system access and driver at Linux.

omg lol I’m now using ubuntu linux :wink:
with some configuration you won’t ever touch the Windows partition. so i’m still fine 8)

I hope so…