[Checkup] How's my security combo?

Comodo Internet Security[Free]
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware[Paid]
Hitman Pro[Free]

Should I add/remove something from it?

A little background:

My laptop was purchased for the reason that I wanna do a lot of Photoshopping with it. I download a lot music, movies, and sometimes applications(I know this may be illegal) but my sources are somehow ‘trusted’.

So would that combination of security work for me? I don’t play games so I don’t easily get accessed with those RATs/Keyloggers. And I use CIS Auto-Sandbox whenever I open a file. By the way, my Comodo Leaks(I’m not sure if it’s named like that) result was 340/340.

Heya Retrotiger;

All looks fine :slight_smile:

Just remember to keep them updated and do scans bi-weekly/monthly or what ever your preference is.

Thank you Jacob.

No need to add anything? By the way, what freewares do you recommend for me to get? I have CCleaner and Defraggler as of now.

As long you read up on the documentation of CIS you’ll fully A-OK With the best or perfect security software it takes knowledge to complete such perfection, So Read up on the help documentation or the FAQ here on the Forum.

I don’t use Defraggler on my windows machine, I use Comodo Firewall(AV is useless to me), Puran Defrag (Boot Feature), VLC(Ultimate Lightweight Media Player), CCleaner, IMGBurn(CD/DVD/Blu-Ray App),

Everything else is either Paid or CMD/Regedit can do.

Hope this clears things

Thanks for the reply Jacob.

  1. In every system that has a new Antivirus, Windows Defender should be disabled right?

  2. What’s the name of that default Windows application that acts as its Firewall? That too will be disabled as well?

  3. Should I disable Malwarebytes’ Website Blocking? I would say that Comodo’s Firewall is way better than MBAM’s.

  4. Mind if you list all the essential Paid applications that you have? I’m just getting an idea on which products I should purchase.

  1. Yes If you are using another AV Product like CIS
  2. Windows Firewall (Automatically disabled once you install CIS/CFP
  3. “Website Blocking” - If you give me a reason why you use it then i can give you a better answer
  4. I have Windows 7 Professional, Auslogics BoostSpeed, and Some Games, Programing Software etc etc

Hope this helps

You might consider installing Secunia PSI so that you can keep all your applications up to date.
That’s very important.
Also, maybe think about running your browser within Sandboxie.

Both are free.

You can buy a more advanced version of Sandboxie if you want…it’s a one-time fee.
Since I bought the full version of Sandboxie, I got rid of all my real-time scanners but I have kept
My on-demand scanners are Comodo and Malwarebytes.

I think Revo Uninstaller is a must-have. Other paid-for software that I have is glary utilities (from a promo. It can be acquired for free), the controversial Iobit’s Advanced SystemCare 4.1, KeePass, Wondershare Time Freeze (though i suppose any other alternative would do), cfosspeed, diskkeeper, usb disk security, winPatrol and winRar (a must-have, too).

Free ones would include: alternativeto.net (a website, and very helpful), Easy File Locker (easy indeed), avast!, USB Guardian, ccleaner, ccenhancer, libreoffice, sumatra pdf, processhacker, superantispyware, dr. web cureit, emsisoft emergency kit, unlocker, usb disk eject, panda usb vaccine, kaspersky bootable usb, malwarebytes, trend micro housecall, eset online scanner, and finally sardu (Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility).

the problem with having all these is maintaining them, so i recommend as had BoredNow did, Secunia PSI or an alternative of it.