Checksums for CFP_Setup_3.0.15.277_XP_Vista_x32.exe

I downloaded this file just a little while ago and its checksums did not match. Here is what I got:

Size: 9527552
MD5: 5e4407813255b0b1d4c8870ff54690b4
SHA1: 19acec1c0703ca7dadaf00a06bb1ca71d032a4ca

I have uppgraded just to and so far it is working

Strange, I just checked this also and got the sameā€¦

The problem is that the web page I downloaded the file from says it should be:

Size: 9.08 MB (9,526,528 bytes)
SHA1: d9496113efeaff887f4d0ce85f9d895f8761a3d5
MD5: ad3220484fe614b253107577062f638c

I got a pop up bubble, saying would u like to uppgrade i, then i press ok, and now I am rocking safely

I did the same with HashX and also got different MD5 and sha1. I downloaded the file from Comodo website.

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BTW I am using XP and have turn D+ off

Can confirm your MD5.


sounds like they just updated the site, now MD5 and sha1 match

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Hehe, they must be watching the forums. :slight_smile: