Checkout Windows Vista RC 1


For those with the newer systems you can download and install Windows Vista RC 1. I am currently downloading it now (even with my T1 connection on Wireless G it will take me about 6 hours). For most users I would only reccommend that you try out Vista if you have 1 Gigabyte of RAM, if you have 512 RAM I would not reccommend you try this beta, those with 1 Gig of RAM or greater I encourage you to try out Vista and see what you think. Feel free to post screenshots or your opinions here, there are two ways that you can currently obtain Vista RC 1, you can download your ISO image copy then burn it to a DVD, or you can order your very own DVD of Vista RC 1.

All the information is on the Windows Vista Get Ready page.

Happy testing :smiley:

Downloading it now… It’s gonna take 29 min…
Have you made a partition to install it to justin?

Of course, I am currently Dual booting XP and Vista ;).

Unfortunately my Intel 915GM chipset does not have the WDDM drivers, but if Intel or Microsoft were to create one for my Intel 915 GM chipset, then I would be able to use Windows Aero perfectly, myself and millions of others are having this problem with the current Vista release. And for some reason Intel can’t figure out why they can’t sell the rest of the 915GM chipsets :P. Everything about the 915GM chipset is compatible they just need to stop being lazy and make a driver!

I’m glad that i don’t have that chipset… ;D
I have Nforce.
I downloaded both 32 and 64bits versions, but the 32 was aborted, so i’m downloading it again.
The speed is much slower now… >:( It’s only 1Mb/s now…
What partition program do you like the most?


I use Partition Magic, (I have the version before Symantec bought the company who made it which was Powerquest) and it works great, actually there is no difference between my version of PowerQuest partition Magic and Norton Partition Magic, well except for the name. So to answer your question I like Partition Magic.

Know any good hard drive to hard drive softwares for free?


Howe about an old fashioned “drag and drop”? ;D

Yes but that won’t make an exact OS copy. Max blast will but it seems to link to the other drive so if the main crashes, you can’t boot the other. Thanks though. :wink:


Doesn’t the image programs work? Like Trueimage? Ghost?

Yes but those cost $$,lol. Something i’m afraid I have none of. These guys named BILL keep coming to my house every month, Last names, Gas, Electric, Medical and Food. They are the most rotten guests I have ever had to say the least. I wish they would leave! :wink: :smiley:



You can probably find something free here… Do a search if that program doesn’t seem good.

Partition Image is an utility to save partitions (ext2/3fs, reiserfs, fat16, fat32, hpfs, ntfs) into an image file. Only used blocks of the partition are saved, and the image can be compressed in gzip or bzip2 format. You can split the image into small f

Maybe this will do it…

"The Personal Backup Appliance is a VMware virtual appliance that provides -TWO- crucial backup functions: (1) Hard Disk Backup, Clone & Restore (2) Simple NAS services. Supports: Windows(NTFS, FAT), Linux(ext3,ext2,reiserfs), FreeBSD, Solaris, LVM, etc."

Aowl, you are a saint and a scholar. Thank you. This sounds like the whole package. FREE! Hey, wouldn’t backup\cloning be under Comodo’s standards? The Comodo hard drive cloner! Either way, I don’t want to polute justin’s post here, which I think I inadvertantly did.

Justin, these aren’t that important, would you like me to delete our ramblings? Sorry bout that.


No Paul its fine :), nobody seemed very interested in the Vista RC anyway.

Yeah but that may be due to my accidental pollution in your topic. What say we delete them and see how it goes?


move them to free usefull programs… ;D :wink:


I have to say, that’s quite a bump.

Any news about Vista? 88)

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Yeah, it is no longer a RC (check thread heading).