CheckMark and ICSA Labs Certification?

(R) First of all I would like to say that Comodo products are awsome and I’m glad I came across Comodo in a free firewall search done in google. I was using avast! and Sunbelt Kerio products. No longer! After reading PCMag’s 2006 review of Comodo Personal Firewall I just knew I had to have Comodo on my desktop. So I’m glad to be apart of this great community. (J)

This question may have been asked already so please forgive me for the redundacy. Are there any plans to certify Comodo Anti-Viruspyware through West Coast Labs CheckMark and ICSA Labs? It appears that any antivirus product worth mentioning seeks to be certified on a regular basis through these companies. Will CAVS do the same?

And wouldn’t it be wise to place a donation icon or link in all of your free products to help further development? This is what SpywareBlaster and Spybot Search and Destroy does. Although the product is free, it wouldn’t hurt for people to show their support for this great product. (L)

Hi and welcome,

The certification is planned for the final release of the CAVS.


Virus Bulletin 100% is the place where comodo should start. Those ICSA and WestCoast are payable testing companies. VB100% is a free one, though no less respected.

And do not forget AV Comparitives. This site is respected by many.


Although a Donate link would be nice Comodo is a company that not only provides free desktop products but also sells SSL certificates and is the 2nd highest SSL certificate provider after VeriSign, the free antivirus and other desktop programs are Comodo’s gift to help create user trust on the internet. If you really want to support Comodo you may want to checkout some of their business products yes they cost money but they come with trials that can let you see if the product is for you or not, please click HERE for a full list.