Checking if virus or fall positive?


Comodo AV reports viruses even in open-source software or from reputable closed-source software. Although it’s perfectly possible for a virus to have infected them, either on the other end or after downloading them on my PC, I would rather guess those are false positives.

For instance, Comodo AV reported viruses in a sample that comes with the PowerBasic compiler, and in the Blackfin uClinux version of the open-source Gcc compiler:

Generally speaking, how can non experts tell if those are real viruses or just false-positives?

Thank you.

Hi littlebigman,

Please submit the detected files on Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis so we can check them.


If the file is normal ,but CIS detected it ,you can upload it as FP.If you can not sure what it is you can upload it as malware,we will check it.
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Thanks for the infos.