Checking for updates fails

It seems there is a difference between >check for updates< on the misc page versus clicking on the date/time on the summary page (update virus sig).

I have a proxy in use that is set in my internet connections and using the >check for updates< works however clicking on the date/time fails as if there is no internet connection.

perhaps they are not both using internet connection settings ?

Mine works perfectly.

Did you have RC2 installled before? Read this topic:;msg210965#msg210965 .

Welcome to the forum shrmnpbdy :slight_smile:

Yes two different process screenshots below.

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Hi shrmnpbdy

I have the same problem as you :slight_smile: (being behind a proxy). The reason this occurs is because the virus signature update does not use the browser’s proxy settings but uses a direct connection instead.


Can we tweak this in the registry perhaps ???

Ahhhh… the truth

Straight from the horse’s mouth …

Question to Melih:

Other AVs I have used ie: CA had a place to input my proxy settings. There doesn’t seem to be one in Comodo.

The updater on the misc page works because it says it will use my IE settings (which are set to use the proxy)

However the virus sig updater does not work because it does not appear to use IE settings

I tried using the WinHTTP Proxy tool (I’m running XP SP2) and that didn’t work either

Is there a way I can make Comodo’s updater (the one that gets the virus sig file) to use my proxy settings?


This is a known bug and will be fixed in the next version,.


Kind regards

Melih Abdulhayoglu

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Hi Melih

Regarding the above post, do you have a “rough” date when this update will become available?


Until the fix arrives would allowing direct http or https access to help ?

Guess we wait…

Hopefully by end of this year…

Kind regards

Melih Abdulhayoglu

President & CEO


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Dear kind sir…. =)

Rough idea (time wise) on the next rev ???