Checking connections, secure?

First thing I would like to say is Thank you for offering this service for free! I will be trying this service out for the next couple of weeks and if all goes well then I will definatley be purchasing Comodo Internet Security Pro.

I have successfully installed and connected the TrustConnect service on my Windows Vista over my wireless network. My question is this;

How do I tell if all the connections from my computer through to the internet are being encrypted? For example, when I use TcpView and look at the connections there are many that have a “http” endpoint.

Screenshot attached.

Is there something I can use to check that everything is being encrypted? I use a lot of free wireless hotspots and this would be such a stress reducer knowing that no one can see my passwords etc while connected to these unknown free hotspots.

I have tried a whatismyip and it does show that the connection to the website is proxied and shows my correct ip (the same one that is shown in the mouseover dialog of the TrustConnect icon in the taskbar).

I might be being a bit over paranoid but isn’t that why this service is available… for paranoid users like myself? Any tips or explanations would be great, thank you very much.


Looking through other posts I tried the tracert command and it does use the TrustConnect ip as the start but cannot get to the destination… attached another screenshot. Does this show that it is working correctly?


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You may try to use some sniffer program (Microsoft Network Monitor, CommView, Sniffer Pro etc.) and check traffic on your TAP interface.

TcpView provides you only established TCP connection to the end-points, but you don’t see encryption level of a channel.

Thanks for the response. I tried using Microsoft Network Monitor, but it’s a bit beyond me. As far as I can see, when I connect CTC it switches my connection to the TAP interface (ethernet) and bridges through my wireless (connected to both networks). When I scan with something like ShieldsUp as well as with whatismyipaddress it shows the new ip from vpn.comodo. I have no idea how to tell if the channel is encrypted. So I decided to just go with it and hope that everything is working correctly, for sure better than being wide open. If anyone knows an easy way to check channel encryption or maybe a link to a howto blog let me know! Thanks,

Hi, to check the encryption you can use, and start a dump on your physical network interface while connected to trustconnect and while not. You will see that when connected packets are SSL ones and no other trafic is made(except trafic with specifc routes local lan/etc ) than the one with comodo vpn server, when not connected you will see every page you connect/ftp passwords and so on this being available to anyone that has access to the network routers or any MITM attack(Man-in-the-middle attack - Wikipedia)

I found that I could easily monitor my wireless network and see passwords etc being sent from the computers that don’t have TrustConnect. I use TrustConnect all the time now for any network that I don’t run myself. Thanks