Check This Out!

Posted here in the Wilder’s forum. It’s a new form of leaktest using a backdoor engine and it looks like Comodo is the only one to pass of the firewalls tested.

alg already spotted that pass for CPF here.

Hang on a minute… why are the guys at Wilders saying “Now, almost all known Firewalls out today ‘Failed’ the test…”, when CPF was the only firewall to pass?

Someone should point out about Comodo on that forum I guess :wink:


I posted :wink:

Now, the really funny bit… it was yesterdays CPF ( that beat all of todays firewalls to this pass. ;D

Why does he said that ? Simple ! He’s not fluent in french, i guess ! He only copy-paste a part of my post without reading a word more from the original article of the author (may be he made a “flash-read” of the entire article ; i’ve done the same but in details ;D).


Thanks! I missed that in all the excitement :-[

Also put in my 0010 cents worth in the Wilder’s thread. My feeling is the Jetico Fanboyz just can’t believe that another firewall could be better than theirs.