Check out my avatar!

Check out my awesome new avatar!

??? i don’t know we can make a new topic everytime we change avatar. (:TNG)
oh well, good for you :-TU
oh, wanna buy certificate ;D

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OK, so my current avatar is the tornado siren in Blooming, MN. It is called a Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1003.

That’s nice resa :wink:

I’m happy with mine, a combination of two very strong animals (although one may think there should be at least two lions since “Leoni” is plural)

This could be the thread for anyone to express feelings about his/her avatar… go ahead :slight_smile:


I keep thinking yours is a rooster for some reason. Must be the result of cross-breeding a lion and an eagle 88)

For maybe a little while longer or so, might keep this one of the P50 in denton.

oh,all this time i thought your avatar is a dog moving his head to the left (:TNG)

;D what is it with you and tornado? ;D

I am interested in tornado sirens. :wink:

You dont say,id of never guessed ;D

Each to there own.


ps, no offence intended, its all good,at least you dont collect smileys like ???

WOW :o , i’m thinking what would you do if there’s tornado attack. 88)

yeah right,i’m the one offended >:(
ehm btw i think there’s typo on the writing under your avatar (:NRD) , it’s supposed to be “happen”,right?

No typo look up appen slang or Matty might explain.

Its just a northern England thing(i know where all bit weird up here,its the rain).

Anyway after the recent events in Burma, today`s useless bit of trivia:Hurricanes/Cyclones(not sure about tornadoes) rotate anticlockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern,bit like when you empty the sink.