Check out bitdefender 2012.....

Bitdefender is back with a whole new interface and better protection than 2011 versions…

A major major upgrade from 2011 verisons… Much much faster, CHECK IT OUT…

Does the Malware bitdefender can’t detect infect the computer still?

The Malware just got upgraded… :stuck_out_tongue:

But at least they made it some what usable…

what happens when bitdefender can’t detect a malware?
does it allow infection to happen?

Whether its Bitdefender or CIS, every security softwares allows infection to happen.

Bitdefender like all other default allow security if cant detect the malware then that thing infects the system.

So is CIS, it allows malware it being whitelisted by CIS & so the system is infected.

So the summary is infection is there with both the softwares but the security holes are different.

Yes you can say that with CIS the chance of infection is lower than Bitdefender.

You can also say that with Bitdefender the chance of legitimate apps not working properly is lower than CIS.

So you gain some & lose some. And that where the products wins the users i.e CIS comparatively very strong than Bitdefender but Bitdefender is also a strong product. Its malware detection is quite good. And every users needs are different. There are many users who do nothing on the net, just email, chat & MSOffice i.e simple browsing & nothing. And it doesn’t means that they cannot get infected but the chances are few. So he may be well protected by a product like Bitdefender or Free Avast. Its like on my personal system I am running CIS but on my family’s system they asked me to remove CIS coz they dont like the popups even the occasional popups. Now these are the users with whom I cannot argue coz they are smarter than me & if I argue with them they will make me to change CIS from my system too. So I installed another good AV on their system. It may be not strong like CIS but its also not like they will get infected the other day. And I believe the malware out there are increasing per seconds but the infections are rare atleast for home users. You just try & install Bitdefender in your system & see how long you stay safe. And you will see that infections are quite rare for a home user & you are quite safe with a product which dont give you any popup.

BUT yes I believe, trust & want to spread the word, CIS is better than any products out there in the market free or paid. Its just that if a user is not ready to understand the product then nothing helps. And yes to run CIS you need to know few things about it.

Just a short story about the type of users

Yesterday I was just browsing & checking what are the user reviews for Comodo products. And I was kind of surprised reading the reviews for Dragon. Many users have mentioned that its good but it changes the Internet Explorer settings so I removed it. What they didn’t knew was it changes the DNS server so whatever is blocked in Dragon, it will also be blocked in the Internet Explorer coz the system is using Comodo DNS. But I guess during dragon install they just clicked next, next & they didn’t knew their DNS settings got changed & they blamed dragon & uninstalled it.

Thanxx & sorry if anything is offtopic, Just wanted to share the things.


at first i read, “Does the Malware bitdefender can’t detect infect the computer still?”

maybe a “which” would avoid “WHAT?”

what happens when bitdefender can't detect a malware? does it allow infection to happen?

Bit defender Internet security and total security have HIPS but didnt see those engines in action…

Maybe that will help Bit defender block malware just like CIS…

Bitdefender doesn’t have any HIPS. They have a kind of active malware protection which is based on some kind of advanced heuristics & behaviour rules.


bitdefender actually does really well. i tested it against about 25 o 30 zero day malware with autopilot enabled and only thing that malwarebytes found was a shortcut on the desktop. bitdefender blocked everything without a single alert

Yes its one of the best in protection especially zeroday malware.


Bitdefender doesn't have any HIPS

They have something similar to hips…

see this they have intrusion detection system, i don’t know whether it really works…

Main UI doesn’t change a lot.
But did their change their logo too ?

+1 for BitDefender

Are there any Comodo Firewall incompatibility issues with the new Bitdefender Antivirus 2012? If someone tried it along with Comodo Firewall,please tell me if it is working fine…thanks!!! :slight_smile: