Check for updates won't update!

Hi Everyone,

I was not sure where to put this if it is in the wrong forum please move it.

I have Comodo Internet Security, I opened it to check for updates, I went to the part where it says check for updates. When I click start, it tells me there are updates so I clicked next, is shows that it is installing the updates. But when it gets to 2% it states “Error 106: Update could not be completed. Not able to connect to the internet, please check your internet connection settings.” I then have to hit the finish button and it closes but won’t let me update.

I don’t understand how it can’t connect to the internet, I have active connection because I am posting this message right now even as I try to update Comodo. Could someone explain to me what is going on and how to fix/correct this problem?




I was finally able to update it but it took over 7 TRIES to get it to finally update so there is a glitch bug or some kind of problem when it tries to update that I think needs to be address in some way. Other then that I love Comodo, it has caught several viruses and people trying to hack into my connection and stopped those two things dead in their tracks.

Hi, Egemen announced here that there was a problem with CIS’s update (server load & a functional issue) & that they were shutting them down temporarily whilst they investigated.

Thank you I read some of that thread but not all of it so that was my fault for not reading all the way but glad to hear that it is being taken care of.