Check for updates to the recognizers.

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Comrades, for some reason the recognizers are not updated: a run-time error, it can not find the specified file. Updating the anti-virus database and the site database is normal. Updates for the program itself also find. And recognizers for some reason does not load. Diagnosis did not reveal any problems. Is it my problem, or “COMODO”?

CIS version I put it recently on a clean system. Earlier, I remember, in version 8.4, in the “Viruscope: managing the status of the recognizers installed on this computer” there were 2 disabled files, and now 1…

Why is that? What to do? ???

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The new recognizer is only available to v10 and newer.

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But… He was in 8.4… Is it possible to manually ■■■■■ it? ???
There after all in fact one file, if not mistaken.

No because it comes as two different recognizer, the default that has the same version as CIS that is the same as previous versions and the cryptolocker one as seen in the attached picture.