"Check for Updates" freezes


When I click “Check for Updates”, Comodo opens another window then the process just freezes. I’m unable to ■■■■ it away from the task manager and have to log out and log back in again to get it to give up.

Anyone got any ideas before I submit a ticket?

No need to check for updates when you have the latest version.

And how is it one knows they have the latest version?

CFP Download Page. :-TU

However, that does not really excuse or explain why CFPs Update isn’t working (it should). A possible thing is that CFP uses MSIE connections tab to get its Net access (even if you don’t use MSIE). So, it might be worth checking that. Failing that, what OS do you have?

The forums and main site tell you everything you need to know about updates. There is only an update when a new version comes out but thats only about every 2-3 months or so.

So… what I’m reading between the lines here is…
“Yep, Sorry Fiz, we know that feature isn’t working. Don’t use it. Check the web site instead.”

Alrighty… thanks… I can do that.

It doesnt freeze for me but I never use check for updates. It still shouldn’t freeze. You can try doing a complete uninstall and reinstall.

Also, I said something completely different: Check MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) or Internet Options (Control Panel) “Connections” tab, CFP’s Update processes uses these details to obtain its internet connection.

Everything’s blank on that tab for me, Kail. What does Comodo want to see there?

Hi fiz

As the name implies, that tab should have your connection details (modem, router, LAN, etc…). What sort of connection do you have?

I’m on a LAN and have it set up to automatically detect my settings.

What type of LAN connection is it (ISP, Corporate, etc)? Do you use a Proxy of any type? What is your OS?

T1 corporate LAN. No proxy. Running XP.

Ah… now a Corporate LAN might be a (or even “the”) problem. You may not be running a proxy, but Corporations often do (quite often transparent ones). Proxies aside, it’s hard to say what the LAN might be doing with (or not, as the case may be) CFPs update request. You’ll need to contact your System Administrator & ask them (they’ll have better diagnostic tools anyway).

As a test (of sorts) from your side, you could use CFP to submit an small & inconsequential file to Comodo for analysis. This process uses the same connection method, but it is very different from CFPs Update… it connects to secure servers & has a much longer negotiating dialog.

But, to be clear… as far as I am aware there is no specific problem with CFPs Update process.

I can do that. I should probably go armed with some info on what Comodo’s trying to do that might be getting blocked on my end. Any clues?

I can email you a Packet Capture session (PCAP file) of a successful CFP Update check. Would that help?

I should add that, in my case, Comodo would detect that I’m in Europe & direct me to their European servers.

Can’t hurt :wink: