Check for signature update errors

Recently, I went to manually update the program, as prompted by my Windows Alert Center. Everything checked out fine except the section “checking for signature updates” which gave me an error message. I have had CIS for over a year now and nothing like this has happened before. What can I do to solve this problem?

Does CIS report the AV definitions are up to date?

If they are up to date try resetting Windows Action Center. Instructions can be found here.

I tried resetting my windows action center but CIS still says “error” next to “check for signature updates” when i go to manually update it. All other updates succeed except when it checks for signature updates.

What’s the error message you get when checking for av updates?

I think resetting the action center might have done the trick. I tried resetting it again and this time restarted my comp and now theres no error message. Thanks for the advice about the action center, that might have done the trick. If any problems persist Ill post back here

The restarting of Windows is a necessary step in the process. We leave topics open so you can post here again if the problem would resurface.