Charlie don't surf

Hello there,

When I start my computer I can surf with no problems, but after a while webpages stop loading, both in Firefox and IE, and I have to turn “Application Monitor” off to be able to surf again. It is weird because I have those applications in allowed mode.

I’ve had to close Comodo Firewall and activate the Windows firewall. Can you help me? Thanks.

Hiya! Are you connecting through a router either wirelessly or via a network cable?



Yes, via ethernet.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. You need to set-up a trusted Zone for the IP Address of your Router.

If you Right click your LAN Connection icon in the windows system tray and click STATUS and then click the SUPPORT TAB it should show which IP Address your connecting through.

Next go into COMODO and click on the SECURITY Tab and then click TASKS.

Now click on “Add/remove Modify A ZONE” Click on Add and type in a Name for the connection.

Next put the IP Address show in your STATUS / SUPPORT Window in both of the boxes below where you just entered the name (For example Home Lane to and then click on OK and OK again.

Now click on Define A New Trusted Network. Select the name you just added from the drop down and continue to click next and then Finish.

This will automatically allow communication between your computer and the router which will resolve any connection problems.

Reboot your machine and then have another go and surfing the web…

Let me know if there are any more problems…


Thanks very much. (:HUG)