character selection process

hi guys

please find attached a selection of charcaters we are working on for a security based animation. again we would like you to get involved in the selection process so please download and view the attached files and let me know your preferences.

UPDATE!! hi guys i have replaced the old file attached a new file which should be ok



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Hey John,

SWF.ZIP is corrupted.

Of the other two, I prefer the COP.SWF


Hi John,

I think I would go for the cop. swf seemed too cartoonish to my taste.

Yours truly,

We need your opinion guys!
pls tell us…which character is better for having it as a Comodo Security officer who can guide our novice users?


They all look cheesy to me. :x

ok what do you suggest?
For each negative comment we demand one positive one :slight_smile: (otherwise we can’t make progress :slight_smile: )


Do you REALLY need a flash character that looks like it was painted for a cartoon/caricature/comic?

I don’t know, if it’s just a “security lolfun animation” it might be OK, but if it’s meant to be something serious, I’d prefer seeing something more serious. :wink:

I’m not so sure what this of anyhow, enlighten me? :slight_smile:

I agree. If it have to be a cartoon try to make it:

  1. more realistic
  2. or more fantastic/futuristic (since comodo will protect beyond the common standards (:WIN))

Does security has to be boring?


Hey, I’m a minimalist. I like stuff to be simple, that’s when I find it the most attractive. Colorfull cartoon figures aren’t my favourite thing.

Hey, the main reason I even found about Comodo is the pretty site design; I saw it I liked it so much that I decided to check out what it is all about.

Eyecandy doesn’t always do good, for me eyecandy equals eyecancer.

Just my opinion… :slight_smile: (:WAV)

ok now one for positive response!! :slight_smile:
give us a pointer about what you want…


Well I like the idea of a character, however I would like a Komodo dragon as a character (would go with the company name) and make it so he doesn’t just repeat the same thing over and over, make it so he can help you if you need it, make an option to enable the helper or not from the GUI.


I also would like to see a dragon (not necessarily a Komodo) as a character. I think the current animation is quite cartoonish. It would be nice if the animation is made to be more realistic, more details in the amination. I think that would make Comodo a more appealing product. To give you a better idea, I have attached an image here that I would like to see Comodo using it. This image is a wallpaper from Neverwinter Nights.

However, I also understand the difficulties in making such a realistic animation. If it is really a pain in creating it, then just forget it.

Yours truly,

p/s: I really would like to see a realistic dragon character though. :wink:

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Yea, a Komodo dragon could be cool. Maybe some 3d modeler and skinner could create one in 3ds Max and animate it, more flexibility than Flash animation and it definetly looks better.

“Comodo - The only ‘dragon’ that survived!” :smiley:

hi guys

ok the base idea here is to use a security based character for our applications rather than from a comodo branding point of view, the comodo dragon concept has been suggested and is not ruled out, however for this project maybe outside what we envision the character to do. Rather than getting to attached to the Cop idea we need to look at the actual character and the situations he can be in

Using the Character (cop.swf, Fbi.swf) and CAV for example the animation loops can be something like the following :

dressed in swat body amour gear the character speaks into his radio mic ’ files secured, no action needed here move along’
Dressed in FBI suit using a torch ’ searching perimeter, files clear’ etc.
Dressed in Scientist full biological suit ’ virus detected ’ etc

i am taking on board your comments of too cartoonish etc and we will take this points into account for the next round of character drawings.

needless to say the design team and melih :slight_smile: enjoy your comments so keep them coming in, together we can produce the next level of comodo security solutions.

thanks guys


Hi John,

Okay, I think I get your point on the purpose of those characters (cop, FBI and such). I have this idea of using the dragon as the character. The dragon serves as the guardian and virus eliminator for the PC. For example, when you start the CAVS scanning for your PC, you can have the dragon saying “Searching for virus and unwanted files” while in a flying animation where it looks down as if searching for something.

Or perhaps when virus is detected, it can say “Virus/ Intruder/ Unwanted files detected” in a sitting position. Next, it can say, “What do you wish to do master?”. The options could possibly be “Incinerate them (Delete)” or “Cure them(repair files)” or “Eat them and store them in your stomach (Quarantine)”. Seriously, I love to have the idea of a pet dragon in my tray protecting me from the pesky thiefs and arsonists in my computer.

John, if you buy my idea, I am more than willing to provide you with the cheesy phrases. If however you think this idea is not viable, just let me know and move on. No offence will be taken here. :wink:

Yours truly,

Well, why not use both?
For example a cop followed by a tiny dragon instead of a dog. The cop tells to the dragon, to search and and destroy (malwares I mean). The dragon eliminates the threats with his flaming breath, and the cop reports something like “comodo guardian eliminated all the threats”.

Sounds cute. (:LGH)

It could work, who knows.

Based on the idea of cop & tiny dragon can follow other animations like the cop that tries alone to eliminate the threats and when he realizes he can’t beat them calls “Comodo I need help”. The dragon appears,eliminates everything and the cop says
“I can always count on comodo” or
“Comodo saved me” and so on…


I think that would be a good idea too. But what I would like to see is that both the characters in a more realistic light. However, as I mentioned above, if it is too difficult to be done, just forget it.

Yours truly,